Trials Returns to Destiny 2, but what was the point of the hiatus?

Now that the Empyrean Foundation target has been met, Bungie released a ViDoc talking briefly about the return of Trials to Destiny 2. And while that’s fantastic for PvP players – and Trials was really the only thing that PvP players had – it felt like Bungie used the word ‘returning’ far too much.

Destiny 1 maps are returning – Anomaly, Cauldron, and Exodus Blue. The original Destiny 1 trials armour is returning. Trials is a 3v3 activity once more, rather than the 4v4 Trials of the Nine that was part of Destiny 2’s first year.

One other thing I have noticed from the ViDoc is onscreen at 1:40. You can see ‘Round 7’ at the top, and it looks like the teams have won 3 rounds each. From how much the bars at the top of the screen have filled up, it looks like Trials will be a first-to-five-wins scenario. Which, again, is exactly how Trials was in Destiny 1 – first to five.

The more I think about it, the less sense this makes and the more it sounds like the 10th Better Devils problem. Trials of the Nine was supposed to be the better trials. It wasn’t. It then went away so that Bungie could come up with something better. Fast-forward a couple of years later, and Trials is returning, not in some new and improved incarnation, but exactly the way – or so it seems – it was in Destiny 1. Complete with the same maps and gear to boot.

Hell, at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if the first revealed weapon reward is the Doctrine of Passing, which is why auto rifles are getting some tweaks in the first place – just so the new-old Trials guns are able to compete.

So … what happened?

Is Bungie a place that no longer has new ideas? I’m absolutely onboard with bringing Trials back, even in the original 3v3, first-to-five format – but even the gear? The maps?

Yes, when you go flawless, the armour will glow but … you know, maybe create unique gear for people who do make it? Maybe a full set of flawless ornaments that rank up and get increasingly more ornate as win milestones are met? Maybe custom weapon skins for the more popular guns in the game that come from Trials bounties, wins, and going flawless?

Hell, something exciting. Anything.

See, at this point, a lot of my frustration with Bungie is stemming from the fact that it is becoming the House of Endlessly Regurgitated Ideas. Trials went away for a couple of years only to return in its very first incarnation and if that isn’t clear commentary on the direction that Bungie’s taking Destiny, I don’t know what is.

Trevor Coelho

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