Bungie is patching the Menagerie chest bug on July 9th, so farm god rolls while you still can

Since Bungie has officially acknowledged the bug and invited us to enjoy it while it lasts, I have no issues about talking about it now.

If you didn’t already know, you can farm the chest in the Menagerie multiple times within the same run. After you kill the boss and the chest spawns, open it and leave the boss room. The easiest way is to run into the area behind the chest and keep going until you see an area name appear at the bottom left of your screen – that means you’ve loaded into a new area.

Once you see that, turn around, run back to the chest. You’ll hear an audio cue – something loud that sounds either like the boss spawning or the boss dying; I can’t tell – and you’ll be able to open the chest again. Repeat until you run out of time and are forced back to orbit.

If you want a video of the bug in action, check this out.

And, very quickly, here are some farming tips

1. Runs on some bosses are faster than others. The Vex Minotaur, Haspiko, has perhaps the longest run taking roughly 35 to 40 seconds (maybe less) depending on how fast your character is. The Vex Hydra, Pagouri, however, has the shortest run – about 25 seconds or so. And the Hive Ogre, Arunak, is somewhere in between those two. (We’ll only see two bosses before the bug is patched – Hasapiko is in rotation at the time of this writing, and Arunak in the next week.)

2. Equip stuff that helps your character sprint faster. So, the Mida Multi Tool on all characters, Quickfang for Hunters, Dunemarchers for Titans, and whatever Warlocks have that helps them do the same thing. The faster you run, the more times you can open the chest, the better your chances of running into a god roll.

3. You don’t have to add your runes to the chalice after you load into a new area. I usually open the chest, open Pursuits immediately, and when the chalice reappears on my Pursuits page I add the runes then. I suspect that adding runes either before or after you load is a matter or personal preference, so do whatever you’re comfortable with.

4. Try to have Rune Bonus III unlocked on your chalice before you begin farming in earnest. Rune Bonus III gives you a chance to get an additional non-powerful reward from opening the chest and it’s incredible for god roll farming. If, for example, you’ve slotted in the runes for Austringer, when you open the chest you have a chance to get two. It seems to proc pretty often as well, and I’ve sometimes come out of farming runs with 8 to 10 weapons depending on how fast I am and how lucky I get.

5. When heavyweight or grenadier are the modifiers in rotation, farm until you can farm no more. Both of those modifiers absolutely trivialise almost all encounters except the Gauntlet and make menagerie runs very, very fast. Plus, if you’re farming, you can have upwards of twenty weapons in about 3 runs, especially if you have Rune Bonus III unlocked.

6. And finally, if you want to know what rolls to chase, r/sharditkeepit is the subreddit for you.

Good luck out there, enjoy the bug while it lasts, and may you grow fat from god rolls, Guardian.

Trevor Coelho

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