Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – New Gunlance moves

Capcom has been terribly generous this week.

I assume – as with all other videogame-related things happening this week – that every single morsel of information that comes out is meant to feed the maniacal hype juggernaut that is E3. That said, Capcom’s Twitter videos for each of the weapons are actually interesting, so let’s talk about them. And because I am a Gunlance main, we are starting with the Gunlance.

First, here’s the tweet:

Not bad, eh? Here’s what I find interesting.

Unlike other weapons that have had a new move or two shown so far, the Gunlance is the only one that loads slinger ammo into the weapon itself. And second, the ability to deploy that slinger ammo via the new Wyvernstake Blast is just. so. sexy. That poor Rathian basically has a small missile stuck into its leg that looks like it can be detonated multiple times.

From what I can tell, shelling the missile directly seems to cause a small explosion, but the missile itself remains attached to the Rathian’s leg. Wyvernfire also blows it up and the explosion seems much larger, and it isn’t clear what actually causes the thing to detach or destroy itself.

Honestly, if this is the only new move that Gunlance gets I will still be a very, very happy man.

The other things that the little clip shows off are par for the course, based on Capcom’s increased emphasis on organic, convenient slinger usage. The ability to casually sling your Gunlance on your hip, fire off a slinger shot, and then be combat-ready again is very nice – one of my only real issues with Gunlance is how much of a pain in the ass it is to sheathe (if you’re not running the skill for it) and use the slinger for things like Flash or Screamer pods. Being able to respond to a combat situation quickly without having to suffer through the slow sheathing animation is nice.

On the flip side, I’m not entirely certain how much use I’ll get out of the clutch claw on the Gunlance, but maybe there’s something that I’m not really seeing. The ability to get onto a flying monster’s face and potentially drop it out of the sky seems nice, but where else will it come in handy? I can see clutch claw being great for things like hammers and greatswords, with the ability to drop massive damage and KO a monster, but I’m not sure if Gunlance will benefit in the same way.

I will say this, however: the clutch claw is going to make Kulve Taroth really bloody fun and I cannot wait to see four Hunters grapple up to her head repeatedly and knock her horns off. September really cannot come fast enough. More content on other weapons coming soon, if I don’t get lazy and if I remember to actually write things.

Trevor Coelho

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