Destiny 2: Tips for getting through the Thorn exotic quest

If you want to know how to start the quest, Datto’s video is where you should begin. This is just a collection of tips for the final mission – Chasm of Screams – because even with a full fireteam, it’s pretty rough. Still here? Thank you kindly, I need the views.

Let’s begin.

Bring a couple of snipers, or Jotunn

Unlike most of the other Nightfall-esque missions that we’ve seen a lot of in the last couple of seasons, Chasm of Screams doesn’t lock your loadout. Use that to your advantage. The shields you’ll encounter are Arc on knights and Void on wizards. Sniper rifles are great here, because one of the modifiers increased the elemental damage you take from all sources (but not the damage you deal). The ability to sit back and pop some heads off will keep you alive for longer than if you run in with a shotgun or a fusion rifle. Plus, those four Shriekers at the very beginning of the mission are an enormous pain in the ass to deal with, and a good sniper will make short work of them.

Tatara Gaze and Fate Cries Foul were my snipers of choice, if you’re wondering.

If you’re not comfortable with snipers, Jotunn is an excellent alternative. I was with a friend who used no other special weapon at all and he did just fine. It doesn’t really care about shields very much and kills most things pretty quickly. And, as an added bonus, it’s pretty great for boss damage at the end, too.

I don’t think it’s especially important to use a specific kind of primary, but I ran most of the mission with a Spare Rations and switched to Blast Furnace only for the boss room. And for my heavy, I had Whisper of the Worm equipped the whole time. At the time of this writing, it’s still an excellent weapon. After the nerf coming to the White Nail perk in Season of Opulence, it may be worth switching off Whisper to something else – Hammerhead or Thunderlord, perhaps.

Keep your distance, play it safe

Blackout is one of the modifiers, and while a single swipe from a Thrall probably won’t kill you at full health, a stray follow-up shot from literally anything nearby will. Plus, taking more damage from all elemental sources makes wizards and boomer knights even more lethal than they usually are.

However, since there’s no timer to worry about, don’t hesitate to back off, regen health, and play as conservatively as you feel necessary. While you won’t get kicked to orbit if you fail, a wipe is still frustrating and easily avoided. For that reason, supers that let you play at range are also useful – the recently buffed Six Shooter Golden Gun for Hunters (returning a bullet for every kill); Hammers or Sentinel for Titans; and Electric Ticklefingers for Warlocks are all excellent choices for everything except the boss room.

For the boss room itself, I have an entirely different recommendation for supers and loadouts, so that’s what I’ll talk about next.

Beware the boss room

The boss itself isn’t something to be afraid of but the Thrall are. With Blackout on, those little screamy fuckers will sneak up on you and rip your head clean off your body. Some of my most frustrating team wipes in there were to Thrall. So for the boss room specifically, I recommend a pulse rifle, Jotunn or a sniper, and Whisper or any machine gun – with the heavy slot being boss DPS focused, unless you’re using Jotunn, because Jotunn kills everything.

For supers, Phoenix Protocol Warlocks are great. Tether Hunters or Arcstrider Hunters are great for add clear, while Nighthawk Hunters are great for boss damage. For Titans – and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this – but Helm of Saint-14 Bubble Titans are goddamn awesome.

While entirely useless for boss damage, a blinding bubble is a quick, easy way to save yourself or a fireteam member from Thrall, grab a res, or just create some breathing room so you can regen health. A Well Warlock will always be better than a Titan for the fight, but if you have a Titan – or if you are the Titan, like I was – Bubble is gonna be useful again for the first time in I don’t even know how long. (ffs, Bungie, buff Titans pls.)

And finally, if you’re trying to solo it…

Esoterickk has you covered. He’s completed the mission solo on a Warlock, a Hunter, and a Titan so if you want to take a stab at it, his videos will see you through. Good luck, happy hunting, and I hope you enjoy your new weapon of sorrow when you get it, you absolute fiend.

Trevor Coelho

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