The Anthem marketing engine is in full throttle, so let’s talk about it

It seems I can’t even open YouTube without seeing Anthem news show up in my feed.

A lot of it is good, solid, concrete info, though – not the fluff and nonsense that I’ve come to expect in the weeks leading up to the launch of a major game. So I decided to put a lot of the pieces I liked in one place for everyone to see.

All of the videos that are linked below will contain spoilers for a lot of things – early game missions, dialogue, Javelin customization, potential item drops, that sort of thing. If you want to go into Anthem unspoiled, this is entirely the wrong place to be.

Datto played Anthem

Of all the YouTube content creators I was expecting Anthem videos from, I was looking forward to Datto’s stuff the most. We have very similar tastes in games and experiences, although we do differ slightly in our desire for ball-crushingly hard challenges in videogames. His enthusiasm for Monster Hunter World was what convinced me to buy the game in the first place – I’ve since put around 300 or so hours into it, and I’m eagerly awaiting the release of Iceborne. Plus, I trust his sense of fairness and appreciate his willingness to be critical of a game – to not succumb to the hype in the way so many other people (myself included) often do.

So, Datto’s news: he has Interceptor gameplay from the Lost Arcanist Mission, Colossus gameplay from the Preventative Precautions mission, and Storm + Interceptor gameplay during Free Roam. The third of those videos is only 10 minutes long because he wasn’t allowed to show more footage, so you won’t actually see anything new if you’ve been paying attention to Bioware’s livestreams. I believe there may be some more content on the way, so when it shows up I’ll link it here.

Arekkz also played Anthem

I found Arekkz through his Monster Hunter World weapon workshop series (which I highly recommend, if you haven’t seen them before) and I’ve been subscribed ever since. While I despise his 40-second intros (which I skip religiously), I do like the overall commentary and the quality of his productions, so I tend to watch his stuff anyway.

Like Datto, he also played the Lost Arcanist and Preventative Precautions missions, but their builds and loadouts are different. He’s also done a ton of news and opinions on Anthem which I can’t really be bothered to link (because there’s a lot of stuff) but it’s worth looking into if you want a handy summary of recent Anthem news and aren’t following anyone in particular on YouTube.

IGN played Anthem, too

They’re smack in the middle of one of their IGN Firsts, in which they cover bits and bobs of content from an upcoming game over a month. Nothing about anything they showcased has been especially exciting – the Bioware livestreams were significantly more informative; you’ll find them all here – but they do talk about several things.

IGN’s channel has – in the order that these videos were released – 15 minutes of Lost Arcanist gameplay; a gameplay profile for the Storm; a gameplay profile for the Interceptor; 8 minutes of Freeplay Expedition gameplay; 7 minutes of Fort Tarsis exploration gameplay; and 10 minutes of Hidden Depths gameplay.

There’s also a new (at the time of this update) article from IGN talking about a lot of things they noticed after 20 hours of gameplay. It’s a very respectable infodump and talks about a lot of things I haven’t heard of before, so it’s well worth a read.

And finally, Bioware has also been playing Anthem

The official Anthem channel is unequivocally your best source of Anthem information. Bioware’s livestreams in particular have been top quality stuff, not in terms of their presentation but in how transparent and open the hosts have been in talking about what’s coming, what isn’t, what’s working, and what’s still work-in-progress.

The videos you really need to watch are the ones about Javelin personalization, the one with the alpha gameplay, the one about gear and progression, the one about Strongholds with a lot of Interceptor gameplay, and one about Legendary Contracts with Ranger gameplay. There’s also a ‘This is Anthem’ video series running of which Part 1 is available now.

From the livestreams in particular, the thing that struck me the most – which I think I’ve said before – is how much fun the developers seem to be having when they’re playing the game. When the Strongholds video came out, I sent the link to a friend with a message saying, “Dude, this basically us” and the reply was something to the effect of “lol yep”. Anthem has, so far, not proven an especially fun game to watch (for me, at least) but going off of all the initial impressions that I’ve been seeing plastered across the internet, it looks like it’s much more fun to actually play.

Anyway, that’s it from me for now. As more videos make their way onto YouTube, I’ll update this post with the ones I think are worth watching.

– 21 January 2019 – Added Part 1 of This is Anthem and the Legendary Contracts livestream link.
– 22 January 2019 – Added Datto’s Storm and Interceptor gameplay.
– 23 January 2019 – Added the ‘Everything we learned after 20 hours of gameplay’ article by IGN.

Trevor Coelho

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