Destiny 2 Forsaken: Getting Started with Infusion

Infusion has gotten awfully expensive in Forsaken, but I’ve cobbled together some ideas to help you get the most bang for your buck.

What is infusion?

Infusion is how you rank your gear up. Let’s say you have a legendary chest piece with perks you really like. It drops at 500 power. A short while later, you get another chest piece, with less impressive perks, but it’s at 511 power. You can infuse the 511 item into the 500 item. You get to keep the perks of the 500 item, and its power goes up to 511.

Problem is, in the Forsaken expansion, infusion can be pretty expensive.


What can I infuse?

For armour, you infuse by slot type. That is, you can infuse gloves into gloves, chest pieces into chest pieces, helms into helms, and so on. Rarity doesn’t matter – a blue item can be infused into a legendary (but not the other way around); a legendary can be infused into an exotic; an exotic can be infused into a legendary.

For weapons, you also infuse by slot type – unlike vanilla Destiny 2, the type of weapon doesn’t matter. For context, in vanilla Destiny 2, you could only infuse a hand cannon into a hand cannon, a sniper into a sniper, and so on, irrespective of those slots the weapons were in. So, for example, I could infuse an energy scout rifle into a kinetic scout rifle to bring its Light up. In Forsaken, this was changed to infusion based on the ammo type the weapon takes.

So now, in Forsaken, if you have a kinetic sniper rifle, you can infuse it into a kinetic hand cannon – but you can’t infuse a kinetic sniper rifle into an energy sniper rifle. Remember to look at the slot not the weapon type.


What does infusion cost?

There’s some nuance to the way infusion costs work in Forsaken. I’m going to use a kinetic weapon as an example here, to explain how costs are different – but this applies to all gear in all slots.

If I want to infuse my Ten Paces up, I have two options – pick any kinetic weapon and infuse it into the gun, or wait for another Ten Paces with higher Light and infuse that. Here’s how the costs are different.

If I infuse any other kinetic weapon into my Ten Paces, it’ll cost 9000 glimmer, 10 legendary shards, 2 masterwork cores, and 25 planetary materials. However, if I infuse another Ten Paces into the gun, it’ll only cost me 5000 glimmer.

This applies to all weapons in all slots, as well as armour sets. It’s more expensive to infuse a Prodigal Helm into a Reverie Dawn helm, versus simply infusing one Prodigal Helm into another. Example of expensive infusion right here:


Keeping infusion costs low

Collect Sets of Armour

This has worked really, really well for me. The first time you get a piece of armour from a set you don’t have, keep it. Doesn’t matter what the roll is. Always have one piece of armour from each set in your inventory. That way, when you get a higher light piece from the same set, you have some options:

– Infuse the new one into the old one (if the old one had better perks)

– Keep the new one and delete the old one (if the new one had better perks)

– Delete the new one and keep the old one (if the new one wasn’t higher Light, and the old one had good perks)

At this time, there aren’t any exotics that are essential to completing the milestones and challenges. If you’re going to raid in a week or two, you may want to have a couple on hand, so infuse those up if you feel the need. Otherwise, wear them for lower level content, and switch to higher Light gear when you’re doing the tougher stuff.

Example below, showing the same helm being infused into another and costing only glimmer.


Switch weapons instead of infusing them

Random rolls means that almost every new weapon in Forsaken has the potential to be really good. I’m running a Ten Paces with Drop Mag and Rampage; but I also have a Go Figure with High Caliber Rounds, Outlaw, and Rampage. I’m slowly collecting one of each of the kinetic and energy weapons with decent rolls and keeping them so I can infuse duplicates into them.

Once your light is higher – say 560 and above – and as we start to get more and more materials as the weeks go by, then it’ll be easier to focus on a couple of quality weapons that you want to use over an extended period of time and infuse those up.

The bright side is that it’s a chance to try out different weapons in the game and potentially stumble on one that you might have otherwise ignored – but which winds up being a lot of fun to use.


Spend your glimmer on materials, and shards on masterwork cores

In The Tangled Shore, the Spider sells collections of planetary materials, legendary shards, glimmer, and masterwork cores for costs that change with each daily reset. This is what the costs are typically like:

– A stack of five planetary materials can cost either 5000 glimmer or 1 legendary shard

– 2500 glimmer costs either 1 legendary shard or 10 planetary materials

– 1 masterwork core costs 10 legendary shard; the cost doubles for each core after that (i.e., 10 > 20 > 40 > 160, etc)

Look at what resources you have excess of, and buy what you need. I tend to dump my glimmer into materials and buy at least 2 to 3 masterwork cores a day. Over time, that’ll add up to a very respectable number, so when I need the materials to infuse, I’ll have them.


Shove an exotic you don’t want into a legendary that you do

Infusing an exotic into a legendary costs only glimmer and a small amount of planetary materials – no legendary shards, no masterwork cores. Again, this is slot-bound, but you can – as in my example below – infuse a pair of Peacekeepers into a pair of legendary boots you want to keep for a decent Light bump.


And that’s all, folks

Levelling in Forsaken is meant to be slow, incremental, and a bit of a grind. Other than the Raid, there are no PvE activities that demand high Light, so you can take your time, enjoy the slow climb, and assemble a collection of stuff over a couple of months. Unlike vanilla Destiny 2, hitting max Light feels like a little more of an achievement now. It takes work to get to 600, so when you see someone inching up on that number, you’ll know exactly how much time and effort and energy they put into getting there. It is, in some ways, a badge of both honour and commitment. Good luck, Guardians, and happy grinding.

Trevor Coelho

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