Should you preorder Destiny 2: Forsaken?

No. Like, seriously, no.

Full disclosure though – I have, but that’s only because despite my many misgivings, I really need to review the bloody thing. But here’s my problem with Forsaken – it looks good. Really good. It sounds fantastic. It’s like Bungie actually listened to us, learned from the mistakes of their past, and figured out a way to get what we want and what they want into the game in a way that makes most people happy.

Problem is, all the Destiny 2 vanilla marketing made me feel the exact same way.

Bungie has a fantastic marketing machine, of that there is no doubt. The trailers have been top notch and, despite my best efforts to squash all emotion, I find myself feeling an inkling of hype. It doesn’t help that update 2.0 brought a bunch of sweeping changes to the base Destiny 2 experience that make it dramatically more fun than it’s been all year (I’ll pontificate about the update in a separate article).

But it’s important to remember that to judge the quality of Forsaken based on update 2.0 has the potential to be a terrible mistake. Outside of The Taken King, the team at Bungie has yet to craft a campaign that’s actually compelling. They have yet to create repeatable experiences with enough challenge and variety to keep us coming back week after week after week. Yes, update 2.0 was a step in the right direction. The Whisper quest was a step in the right direction. The annual pass is yet another step in the right direction (more on why separately).

There are, undoubtedly, many things that Bungie has done right in the time since Warmind was released. That does not mean they get the benefit of the doubt. We, as players, gave Bungie the benefit of the doubt when Destiny 2 came out, and aside from a spectacular first mission, excellent art, world design, and music, very little else about the experience was worth praising. For the better part of a year, Destiny has been a hollow, soulless shell of its former self. Forsaken is the culmination of Bungie’s most recent efforts to try and get back on track.

There is no guarantee that they’ve succeeded.

We’ve seen very little of substance about Forsaken – just Gambit, a handful of trailers, and a lot of standard Bungie talk about how they want players to discover things for themselves. I’m onboard with the process of player discovery. 100%. I love watching the community rally together for things like the original Sleeper quest, Outbreak Prime, Black Spindle, and now Whisper of the Worm. I’m just not willing to take a giant leap of faith and encourage people to preorder a game made by the same people who said that Lost Sectors were like mini-strikes.

Now – does that mean you shouldn’t buy Forsaken?

Not at all. By all means, buy it. Just not yet. Wait for reviews. Wait for more footage to make its way online. Very nearly every major YouTuber who played Destiny 2 is probably going to play the expansion. All the major gaming news outlets are going to cover it. r/DestinyTheGame is going to be dissecting it.

And with the inevitable wave of post-release hype, there will also come a flood of useful, meaningful information. That’s where you’ll actually learn something of substance about the experience because we really have very little at this time. If you’re not confident in Bungie’s ability to deliver on their promises and the hype machine that’s chugging around Forsaken – trust that instinct. It is perfectly acceptable to not be confident after the mess of a sequel that we were given.

Wait until you know whether or not Forsaken is actually worth the money and the trust that Bungie is asking us to place in it. That’s all.

Trevor Coelho

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