Destiny 2 update 2.0 is out and Forsaken weapons are dropping from the weekly Flashpoint

It’s been on Reddit for a while; some people have gotten armour as well.

I managed to get my hands on a snazzy Ether Doctor auto rifle, but it’s very clearly unfinished. For example, I spent some of my precious few masterwork cores to upgrade it for science and found out that even if you masterwork all the way up to Rank 10, the kill tracker doesn’t show up. The icons for the kill tracker are missing as well, and the shader slot has a Forsaken shader applied – which isn’t in game yet – so the icon simply shows “Temp”.

Aside from the scope and the magazine perks, it came with Tap the Trigger (bonus to stability & accuracy on the initial trigger pull) and Moving Target (faster movement speed & better target acquisition when aiming down sights) so it’s hardly a god roll by any means. It looks good, sounds punchy, handles well, doesn’t kick a whole lot, and in general is a pretty solid auto rifle.

Interestingly, Ether Doctor also came with a lore tab, which makes me wonder whether we’ll be seeing more legendary items with lore in Forsaken. To the best of my knowledge, the only pre-Forsaken legendary items with lore come from the raid, Trials, and the Solstice of Heroes event. I vaguely recall certain class items having lore as well – the Future War Cult Titan mark and the Gensym Knight mark come to mind – but I’m not entirely certain and I legit can’t be bothered to check.

The takeaway from this is: if you want a preview of Forsaken gear, head on over to Mars, do some public events, head back to Ana for (potentially) some sweet Forsaken loot to try before you decide whether or not to hand Bungie a wad of cash for the upcoming expansion.

Screenshots of the Ether Doctor below, if you care about that sort of thing.

UPDATE: Exotics are also dropping with brand new perks. I completed the Clan XP milestone and Hawthorne gave me an Armamentarium – which I almost reflexively dismantled before I noticed the new perks. There are 3 columns now; the first lets you toggle the stat you want to focus on (resilience and mobility in this case); the second column offered perks to reduce flinch when aiming linear fusion rifles, energy weapons, or kinetic weapons; and the third column had ammo perks – carry more reserves for hand cannons or get more special ammo on kills.

Trevor Coelho

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