Destiny 2 update 2.0 and the escapees from the Prison of Elders

You can find one of the escapees in the Tree of Probabilities strike.

According to the patch notes for update 2.0, these wayward souls can be found in strikes, lost sectors, and public areas. Regrettably, the one I stumbled on doesn’t do anything cool at all.

Taurg, Disguised by the Emperor – pictured at the top of this article as being violently shot at – shows up in the Tree of Probabilities strike and is a regular old Cabal Colossus. He fires rockets, uses his massive gun, and his head explodes just as enthusiastically as anyone else’s when you pump a couple of Sleeper shots into it. He showed up in the Nightfall as well, replete with Arc shield, and three shots from a 380 Sleeper brought him crashing down to the ground.

It’s worth noting, though, that these Wanted characters will try to escape the moment they see you. I left Taurg alone for a bit to see if anything interesting happened and he high-tailed it immediately. The game does tell you that he’s trying to escape, giving you a brief window in which to chase him down and then put him down.

He was absurdly easy to kill in the Legacy Strike playlist with two other Guardians, and only somewhat more tanky in the Nightfall. I assume – based entirely on Taurg; I haven’t seen any other escapees yet – that in higher difficulty Strikes he’ll simply be tankier and will require some mild semblance of focused fire to bring down.

If all the escapees that we’ll be required to hunt are like this – excluding Uldren’s eight Barons; they seem unique – I don’t foresee much excitement in the process of the hunt itself. It’s just a regular ol’ high value target plonked into a different setting, patiently waiting to chew on whatever bullets you’re willing to serve them.

Oh well. Perhaps some of the other minibosses will be more exciting.

Trevor Coelho

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