E3 2018: Everything we know about Doom Eternal (It’s not a lot, seriously)

If you’re here for the videos, Gamespot has a nice one you can watch.

I honestly don’t have a lot to say here. My big takeaway from the trailer is that there was a Cacodemon with arms in there, near the end, and I was like … wtf. Game looks deeply interesting otherwise, though. If you enjoyed the Doom reboot, I imagine there will be a decent amount to enjoy here, even if Doom Eternal winds up being more of the same.

Of the scant details that did emerge from the E3 reveal, we know that Doomguy will feel even more powerful (how?), there will be twice as many (varieties of?) demons, it will deal with hell on Earth (not Mars?). That’s literally it. There’s almost nothing else to talk about here. Details forthcoming August 9th onwards, which is when QuakeCon kicks off.

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