There’s a new Infinity War trailer out and it’s nothing we haven’t seen before

The trailer’s embedded at the bottom of this article; feel free to scroll if you don’t give a hoot about what I think of it. If you do give a hoot – bless you, I’m hooting right back at you.

Anyway – the new trailer should have me hyped but it doesn’t because Marvel has a fundamental problem with killing off all of its villains. Loki comes back on and off, sure, but he’s a joke of a villain at this point. Killmonger is dead. Ultron’s gone. Dormammu is off nursing his wounds and muttering “He’s came to bargain” over and over to himself like a mad person. All of Iron Man’s villains are spectacularly deceased.

And of all those villains, I can only think of two who – in my opinion – really made the consequences of their villainy felt. The first of those is the magnificent Alexander Pierce, who forced the dismantling of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the second is Zemo, who more or less managed to topple the empire.

All other Marvel villains have made their dramatic entrances, given their dramatic speeches, and have set out to blow up the world or whatever – only to be swiftly and summarily walloped into the sunset. I’m half-expecting Thanos to share that fate.

We’ve seen him grin, we’ve seen him sit on his throne like his bottom was welded to it, we’ve seen him put on the Infinity Gauntlet in post-credit scenes but we haven’t really seen him do anything. So how if he going to be used?

Will he land, make his dramatic speech, and then punch a couple of people – only to have the Hulk smash him into the ground and grunt ‘puny Titan’ before strolling off to smash something else? For Infinity War to be worth all the years of slow, careful build-up, for Marvel to be able to justify bringing the slowly simmering MCU to a boil, there need to be world-shattering, universe-ending, irrevocable consequences.

If characters die, they need to stay dead. If worlds are blown up, they need to remain space dust. If half of humanity is destroyed, Doctor Strange can’t go back in time and tweak a thing or two without there being serious goddamn consequences.

Thanos has been the endgame since Iron Man first sauntered cockily onto the big screen and for him to be worth it, when the dust finally settles, Thanos should still be standing and nothing. can. ever. be. the. same.

That requires cajones, though, mighty big ones perhaps of steel, and I don’t know if Marvel quite has them. Fortunately, in less than two months, we’ll find out. Here’s the trailer. Enjoy.

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