New to Stew August 2017

My busiest month of the year so far for games played with a total of 66 logged plays and 12 new games played. There was lots of good new games, some very good and one that shone. The pun is very much intended (read on…….)

Sol 9/10

I had seen this being played a bit at ManorCon last month and knew very little about it apart from it was a kickstarter, hence why it probably didn’t appear on my radar. I’m just not a fan of KS.

A friend suggested a game and I was a little unsure as said friend is a bit more of an Ameritrash fan and I am all about the Euros, this had no wood in either, lots of nice plastic miniatures, but no wooden cubes though.

An action selection game where the sun is about to go Supernova and you have to get your colony far enough away from the star to survive. You can build various different things and move your little sundiver ships around to be able to do things – they basically act as a resource, energy being the other. Despite the significant amount of plastic in the box, this is very much a euro with a very strong theme. This is good, really good. I need to play this again!

Yokohama 8/10

A lot of my friends have been telling me that I will like this – a lot. I am a big fan of Istanbul and the general consensus is that if you like that you will like this and yep I do. Istanbul on steroids. Not played Istanbul? You should!

Move your worker around the board using assistants already deployed to activate actions to allow you to get resources that then can be converted into a number of different things, tech to allow you benefits later on, make some orders to grab points, go to the church to find more assistants… Enough people around me own it so I don’t need to, but I certainly will not turn a game down if offered. I really enjoyed this.

Fuse 8/10

A very neat real time game that has you working as a team to disarm a bomb by completing tasks on cards that you have in front of you. You complete the tasks by grabbing dice that are rolled in a communal pool and you can only take one to add to your task, but the tasks are like 3 dice all numbered 5 or higher, which sounds simple, but it is not. You are all scrambling to do your tasks in real time. I really like real time games and this does not disappoint.

Century: Spice Road 8/10

Another fantastic game. Very, very straightforward and a lot of fun to play. Very tactile, nice big chunky cubes to play with in pretty bowls.

You are spice traders and you have to try to complete orders of various different spices. You only have about 3 different types of action to pick from, but the decisions are tough. The similarities to Splendor are huge. Simple gameplay with a simple ruleset with limited options, but the decisions can be really tough. An excellent gateway game for non gamers and as a gamer I loved this too. Plus this will be an excellent present for my Niece for Christmas. One less present to worry about.

Extra! Extra! 7/10

This has been on my radar for some time. It has gone pretty unnoticed since its release, but every now and then it appeared on the weekly newsletter from Shire Games in the games played report and it seemed they were fans of it, which is a good recommendation. I found a copy at bring and buy at the UK games expo and eventually got it to the table.

A worker placement game based on putting together the front page of your newspaper and the different stories you put in it. The main part of the game is worker placement, but you can displace other people’s workers if you bid to do so. There are about 9 different scenarios available including about 3 intro ones that we skipped and we found that with 5 new players and a rules explanation it took 105 minutes. The only downside to this game is that the board is a little messy and can be a bit off-putting at the start, but you soon get used to it.

Tiny Epic Quest 7/10

There was excitement about the next instalment of the Tiny Epic stable. I saw it popping up on Social Media everywhere. I was lucky enough to be at the games club the day after its release and we gave it a crack.

It was OK. It didn’t set my world alight but it was good enough to give it another go a few days later and enjoy it. I have only played one other in the series, Galaxies, and that is a fair bit better, but this had its own merits. Quite a nice movement selection process to move your meeples around the board, dual action location cards so there are plenty of options to pick from. Cute little plastic props to add to your meeple to give them extra abilities which are gained through quests. Ultimately this is a push your luck game using dice to see if you can get the actions required for where your meeple finish the round.

Dead Men Tell No Tales 7/10

Minion Games have put some great games out in the past. I was intrigued to see what this was like. A pirate ship on fire and you have to try to grab treasure while keeping the fire at bay. The board was a little garish but aside from that it was a tough challenge that we failed at. It felt a lot like Flash Point: Fire Rescue, but not as good. An action point allocation co-operative game where the bulk of the game you are fighting fires and moving about.

Gravwell 7/10

A race game that felt a lot like 6 nimmt. You are racing to a finish space on the board, you do so by playing a card, however a set of rules govern in which direction your ship flies as the location of other ships on the board dictate if you move towards or away from the finish square. So before any ships move you may play a card that moves you towards the finish but after another player plays his card and moves, the card you played – as you play them simultaneously – may move you away from the finish.

Mascarade 7/10

I have been wanting to give this a go for a while and eventually got to do so. It is a fairly quick game that plays a high number of players, up to 13. A semi hidden role game where you are racing to be the first person to get 13 money by telling a porkie or two or you could even be telling the truth. Quite nice, but I need more than one play to get a better feel for the game.

Wildcatters 7/10

It is quite hard to describe this game. It is about producing oil and getting it shipped to various refineries around the globe. Each player has their own colour of share certificate and it is basically used as currency so at the end of the game you will end up with a pile of different coloured shares that will get you points if you have the most or 2nd most.

Traitor Mechanic 6/10

A Traitor Mechanic game about a Traitor Mechanic. I like traitor mechanic games. I was on the hunt to find one better than Avalon. I still am. This has not had a lot of testing and in the 4 games we played the traitors won easily each time. We tried all sorts of ways to try and aid the good guys but it was just too easy for the traitors. It is a shame really, if they had tested it a bit more and made a few changes somewhere it could have been a lot of fun.

The Chameleon 6/10

If Spyfall didn’t exist, this would be pretty good. However it does exist and this is just a clone. It is a good game in its own right, but, you know, Spyfall.

A game where every person around the table except one knows a key word which is determined by a dice roll. The person who is the chameleon has to try to figure out what the key word is from a number of them on the grid on the table while the others try to guess who the chameleon is.

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