New to Stew July 2017

Wow, 36 logged plays and only 4 new games. What is going on? Seriously lacking here. However there was a killer game in there that really caught my attention…

Dice Forge 9/10

I’d never heard of it, knew nothing of it, I just joined in a game a few friends were playing and wow!

A dice crafting game like Rattlebones which you alter the faces of the dice you use, but unlike Rattlebones where most faces rolled will result in an action, the results rolled in Dice Forge give you resources which you then use to buy stuff with. There is a lot of similarities between the two, but this seems a lot slicker, more intuitive and aesthetically more pleasing.

In theory as I own Rattlebones I shouldn’t need this in my collection, but the urge to buy Dice Forge is strong.

Tin Goose 8/10

A route building game set in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s. I had heard about this but had just ducked under everyone’s radar and I can’t see why. Rio Grande Games seem good at releasing good games that sometimes go undetected. I’m not sure how damaging the event cards can be, we only had one or two come out during the game so it wasn’t too bad. I wonder what would happen with a more anti-social group? Certainly one to play again.

Flamme Rouge 7/10

I had heard a lot of good things about this since Essen. It managed to elude me until Manorcon a couple of weeks ago. I was expecting one of the best racing games ever. No. Ave Caesar on push bikes. Well that with a bit of Leader 1/Giro d’Italia. There is nothing wrong with it and it was a game of skill, but it was nothing new and a bit of a letdown after the hype it had received.

Forged in Steel 6/10

An area majority game which is card driven with the cards having a points value and an action which you can use one or the other, not both. Twilight Struggle fans may find this a touch familiar. It was OK, it wasn’t flawed that I could see in the one play of it I had, but it did nothing new, just your usual stuff that you find hitting Kickstarter.

…..and talking about ManorCon, it was the best for some time. The food in the venue was not great, but better than last year – although that wasn’t hard to achieve. The beer selection was far better and it was only the fact that I had spent my money in the bring and buy on Friday that stopped me buying more beer, which is good as I am trying to lose weight. The new gaming rooms are far cooler than the old venue across the road, thankfully. I almost passed it over this year for something else happening on the same weekend. I’m glad I didn’t now.

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