In the new Ragnarok trailer, Thor actually looks cool

Full trailer at the bottom of this article, so feel free to scroll down if you don’t care for my two cents. Also, Nerdist probably got it right – again.

I’m not usually stoked for Thor’s cinematic outings simply because he’s had the weakest storylines of any of the Avengers. His first outing was fun enough but The Dark World was extremely forgettable and I’ve only enjoyed his on-screen appearances when he has other characters around to riff off. And while Ragnarok hasn’t been on my must-watch list, it’s piqued my curiosity because of Hela – Cate Blanchett’s look is amazing; it’s like she sprang to life from a panel of the comics – the presence of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk, and Thor’s new look which seems to suit him better than the long-haired business he’s had going on thus far.

What I think is fantastic about Ragnarok is that he’s being taken very far out of his comfort zone. No hammer, no Asgard, no Jane Foster. Instead, he get one Loki, one Valkyrie, and one Hulk. And, based on that one shot in the trailer from which I picked up the image at the top of this article, an Infinity Stone (well done, Nerdist).

I’m thoroughly onboard with this idea because this may be the first time we really see Thor unleashed. There’s a lot of yammering in the movies about how Thor is basically a god (even though he doesn’t dress like one) but we really haven’t seen Thor do very many godlike things. He throws a hammer, it comes back. Sometimes he calls down lightning. But we’ve never really seen what happens when he gets angry.

But with Asgard fallen, Mjolnir gone, and Surtur presumably belching fire all over the nine realms, we might finally see a side of Thor that his first two solo outings couldn’t quite put on display – the cool one. Full trailer below, enjoy.


Trevor Coelho

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