Let’s talk about IGN’s latest Destiny 2 video – the Nessus exploration teaser trailer

There’s a shit ton of stuff to unpack in the Nessus exploration trailer for anyone scouring the internet looking for the tiniest details about Destiny 2. If, like me, you have a Destiny 2 shaped hole in your life, this is how you fill it until the beta.

0:00 – 00:06

A little footage of the Inverted Spire strike, which is already all too familiar to anyone who’s paid any attention to the world’s Destiny 2 coverage thus far. Features a Dawnblade doing Dawnblade things. Also includes the new location of the Darkness zone symbol – it used to be on the left edge of the health and shield bar; now it’s directly beneath. More clearly visible, which is fine, I suppose.

00:06 – 00:07

On Nessus, the fireteam leader – reef_lab04 – of the three guardians we see on screen seems to start an adventure. It’s called Deep Conversation, it rewards what appears to be the item used to acquire new skills, and there’s a countdown timer above the words ‘Deep Conversation’ with the text ‘Mission starting’ and fireteam leader’s gamertag. (I get that reef_lab reference, btw – Queen not dead and totally alive but locked in some sort of experimental lab facility confirmed, thx Bungo.) I wonder what happens to adventure rewards after you’ve unlocked all of your character’s hundreds of thousands of skill nodes? (/s)

00:07 – 00:08

Punchbro doing Punchbro things, only his punch can now be thrown and in some cultures is called a shield. Cabal dog health bars are visible and apparently these particular dogs are called ‘War Beasts’. I am awed by the inventiveness of this name. Also totally holding out for the inevitable Raid boss named Fluffy. reef_lab04 is in the background; this is obviously the Queen herself but she’s incognito in Destiny 2 so let’s pretend we don’t see her.

Punchbro shield-bashes some glimmer out of one of Fluffy’s kids, so dogs have cash-filled pockets in Destiny 2 confirmed. In all seriousness, I can’t quite tell whether it’s reef_lab04 in the background shooting Cabal for glimmer or if dogs will also drop glimmer when violently murdered.

00:08 – 00:11

Punchbro does a graceful-as-fuck ballerina thing, spins in air, dodges 3 rockets and responds by throwing a disc-shaped punch at a Legionary. Legionary promptly realises the error of his ways and embraces the disc-punch with his face. Punchbro is uncommonly excited by this and spontaneously ejects an orb of light from one of his orifices.

00:11 – 00:12

Floofy bastard holding a handcannon, staring out into the green void, and probably wondering, “Can I make that jump?”

00:12 – 00:13

Sparrow! On Nessus! Which is like Venus, but bloody. Adventure icon on the left of the screen, this one is called ‘Unbreakable’. Objective is to collect a Large Energy Font. ‘Disruptor Charge’ with a timer that has ticked down to zero shows on the left, in the lower half of the screen.

00:13 – 00:15

Public event this time, from the looks of it, with a little over 3 minutes left on the timer. Called ‘Ether Harvest’. Objective is to ‘Destroy the Servitor to cut off the Fallen Ether Supply’. So … kill target public events? Also, Prime Ether Servitor does not like being shot in the eye with a shotgun. He is clearly the Fallen equivalent of a farmer and we are figuratively taking a dump on his cabbage patch. Stop this harassment pls.

00:15 – 00:17

Floofer doing floofy things. Same Warlock we saw on the sparrow on Nessus from 00:12 to 00:13 on the Unbreakable adventure, but caught up in a public event also, now. Goal of the public event is to ‘Disrupt Vex Constructions’ and the Warlock has 7 of 10 integrations remaining with around 30 seconds on the timer. Also, an Integrator Hydra gets nuked off the face of the galaxy.

00:17 – 00:19

Back to that Ether Harvest public event with what looks to be an Arcstrider based on the subclass icon. Enemy is a yellow-bar Fallen called a ‘Despoiler Captain’. (Am I reading that right?) Not sure where this dude came from if the goal was to whack the Servitor, so multi-stage mini-boss fight, hopefully? Perhaps slightly more involved than current kill target public events.

00:19 – 00:22

‘Glimmer Extraction’ public event, with an Arcstrider again (what does this Hunter have against Fallen? Did Taniks not drop his cloak for this guy or something?). Seems to resemble current ‘Defeat Extraction Crews’ public event. Has a counter for ‘Extractors Defeated’ and the nearest enemy health bar shows ‘Fallen Extractor’. Arcstrider begins poledancing and all nearby Fallen are immediately aroused to death.

Interestingly, counter shows ‘0 of 0’ so killing the Fallen doesn’t change anything. Literally unplayable, also because I am on Xbox, goddammit.

Note the ‘Disruptor Charge’ timer at the bottom again, presumably because the Unbreakable adventure is still on.

00:22 – 00:24

Incognito Queen again! reef_lab04, I know who you are, you cannot hide from me. Lost Sector symbol on rock face. No objective marker shows up, interestingly, suggesting that some small exploration may be required to get the activity started?

00:24 – 00:26

Cabal Legionary is so thrilled to be shot at by a Punchbro, his mind is literally blown. Cabal enemies with flamethrowers are apparently called ‘Incinerators’. Several globs of Titan ejaculate – known in-game as ‘Orbs of Light’ – are scattered on the ground.

00:26 – 00:28

Big stompy Vex called ‘Thyrdron’. No quest or objective markers that I can see, so I can’t even offer up a best guess about how we’ll run into this guy.

00:28 – 00:30


Exodus Black seems to have a quest icon with the objective ‘Speak to Failsafe at the Exodus Black’. Bottom of tooltip says ‘Services: Packages and Rewards’. Is Exodus Black’s Failsafe a joinable faction or a helpful AI who collects faction packages you’ve earned and hands them over to you? Is Failsafe the future of Amazon Prime?

The circles with the downward-pointing arrow seem to be landing zone. Exodus Black has one. Four others visible on the section of the map that we can see; there will almost definitely be more.

Below the landing zone icon is yet another adventure, this one called Exodus Siege. Description reads ‘The Fallen prepare to attack Failsafe’s mainframe aboard the Exodus Black’. Reward is rare gear, combatant power is 90 light. Perhaps Light has finally been standardized as the indicator of an activity’s difficulty, as opposed to the level + Light combination of Destiny 1? Character level has always felt fairly redundant anyway, since Light is the real measure of power.

The last icon we’re shown is that of an incoming public event in the Glade of Echoes. Interesting to note that which event isn’t called out, only when. Tooltip helpfully shows a timer as Bungie said it would in the reveal event. Potential rewards listed are rare and legendary gear.

It’s worth noting that the rewards are specified as ‘gear’ and not ‘engrams’, which is a fairly subtle difference in terminology that I’ve only seen in raids. If you compare raid and strike reward descriptions in Destiny 1, for example, strikes reward legendary engrams, while raids offer raid set gear. It makes me wonder whether public event completions might be associated with gear sets – obviously not raid quality or power, but visually unique stuff that won’t be obtainable in other activities. I could be entirely wrong about this because, y’know, hype.

00:30 – 00:31

Dead dude.


00:31 – 00:32

Hunter on a sparrow in the Glade of Echoes. Nothing to see here, move along.

00:32 – 00:33

First, a Hunter waiting for a public event to start, and killing some time by killing some Vex. Public event seems to start, involves disrupting Vex constructions again. If Integrator Hydras are involved, they will probably be relieved by the absence of Warlocks and void nukes.

00:33 – 00:35

Named Cabal (mini?) boss, Primus Cal’aug. Arcstrider has some sort of buff activated called ‘Combination Blow’. Timer reads fifteen seconds. Weapon perk proccing or something else? Poledancer attempts to violently arouse Primus; Primus is made of sterner stuff than Fallen scum and does not immediately keel over and die.


Back to the Inverted Spire, because we really haven’t seen enough of this already.

00:37 – 00:50

IGN marketing spiel.

Trevor Coelho

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