New to Stew June 2017

It has been a bumper month with 58 logged plays, but only 6 new games. A long weekend playing lots of old favourites helped with that figure. So out of those six, did any of them grab my attention and get me all excited? Read on….

Well there was one that stood out from the rest, but I really need to play it more to form an informed opinion as it does divide opinion.

D Day dice 8/10

This has been around for ages and it does have a bit of hype still lingering around on some forums due to its scarcity. I picked it up before Valley went bump therefore it was not that difficult to get at the time and it has been sitting on my shelf for ages. One of those ones picked up in a sale and forgot about. My desire to keep picking away at my unplayed shelf helping getting this to the table. A co-op dice game trying to push your way up the Normandy beaches, I will let you guess on which day in history. The training mission was very easy and we did it with not much trouble at all, but the real thing….. that is a different story all together. We got hammered. I have the 5th player expansion for this that is still unplayed and I am not sure the game needs it as the 5th player takes on the role of the Germans and tries to mow down those pesky allies landing on the beach. I don’t know if it makes the game any harder for the allies, but it doesn’t need it. Keen to play again to see if it retains its appeal.

Pocket Mars 7/10

Reviewed last month, a nice little card game that got a UK games expo release and as one of the few games being released at the expo got quite a bit of press. You can’t really go wrong for £10 and a small box.

Locomotive Werks 7/10

From the Winsome stable getting the Queen Games upgrade treatment, again picked up on the cheap and seems a reasonable deal. Similar to Martin Wallaces Automobiles you are trying to sell locomotives to buyers with a potentially limited market while trying to keep up with the technology race. This was a fun game and there was a challenge. It COULD have a runaway leader problem as we did experience that, but the leader also had to do some serious future planning to manage the position, so I am keen to play this again to see if the same happens again. If it doesn’t have the problem then the rating will go up, if it does, it will go down.

Clank 6/10

A lot of people have been getting excited about this deckbuilder with a board based on a dungeon crawling adventure while racing against other players. This definitely needs a handful of plays to get your head around it and thinning your starting deck out is essential. I preferred Super Motherload and Trains a lot more over this for a deckbuilder with a board genre. I am not writing it off after the first play, but I remain to be convinced.

The Arrival 5/10

Oh Martin, what have you done? Mr Wallace has re-implemented the excellent Mordred with this and…. Oh dear….. it is not that good I’m afraid. The gameplay is a little similar to the original, but it was drawn out and you could just go through a cycle of place a bad guy and squash it. The action selection card is a really good mechanism that is introduced in this game, but it is wasted on this game. I can see this mechanism being robbed in future game releases. The Arrival is more complex than Mordred, but it does not add any more enjoyment to the game, it just adds time and frustration.

Cry Havoc 4/10

I have been hearing a lot about this and how good it is. One of the groups I go to regular love it, so I thought I would see if the hype is deserved. Was it? Absolutely not! It look pretty, really pretty, the miniatures are really well made and it all fits together nicely and even the player boards are done really well. However the gameplay was poor, the combat predictable and the powers seemed unbalanced. I only played it the once, but I could tell at the end of the game when I looked at the unused skill cards that were taken out of the game at the start (you randomly get one of the 4 available powers, well for the race I was playing anyway) that one of the four seemed really powerful while the other three were just a bit rubbish. This is a terrible, unbalanced area control game where you spend the entire game squabbling over the same couple of areas. I will avoid this like the plague in future. I’m not the only one who must think this. Look at the Boardgamegeek marketplace.

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