E3 2017 – Playful brings Lucky back in Super Lucky’s Tale

In 2016 Playful brought a game to the Oculus Rift VR system that was bright, colourful and immersive. Built from the ground up Playful created an experience that was unique in the way 3rd person perspective platforming was played on VR.  To the dismay of some, “Lucky’s Tale” was only available on the Oculus Rift; but for those of you that don’t own an Oculus worry not – Playful is bringing Lucky back in “Super Lucky’s Tale”, a brand new title exclusive to the Microsoft family.


During the Xbox Pre-show Conference Super Lucky’s Tale was shown off in an explosion of colour and humour.  Super Lucky’s Tale has crisp, rich visuals that are enhanced by Xbox One X’s full 4K display.


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Players will have their skills tested through a variety of challenges, mini-games and obstacle courses that will test even the most veteran of platform gamers but can still be enjoyed by all. Super Lucky’s Tale is a story of growth and discovery: While on a quest to find his inner strength, you help Lucky’s sister rescue the Book of Ages from the mysterious Jinx.

The challenges aren’t all though;  with a wacky range of characters from moustached earth worms to ghosts sporting top hats and capes –  the cast of Super Lucky’s Tale is bound to make an impression as you traverse this beautifully colourful world in search of the Book of Ages.

This energetic lovable fox will be burrowing onto the Xbox One and Windows 10 on November 7th 2017 with a price point of just $30.


Maz Parry

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