E3 2017 – Supermassive Games’ VR Catalogue Grows with “Bravo Team”

This year at E3 Supermassive Games had three games showcased during the PlayStation pre-show Conference. This time I am taking a look at Bravo Team: the other two games (Which are also covered on the site) that were shown off this year are The Inpatient and Hidden Agenda.


So Who are Supermassive Games?

Supermassive Games is a British Game Developer based in Surry, England. Founded in 2008, the team is known for a range of games such as Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, Little Big Planet (PSVita) and Walking With Dinosaurs. Most notably though Supermassive Games are responsible for the 2015 hit Until Dawn.


Bravo Team – What we know

Set in a modern day city in Eastern Europe, Bravo Team is a first person VR cover shooter where you and a friend must work together when your escort mission goes wrong and your surroundings suddenly become a lot more deadly.

Bravo Team can be played alone or with a friend online, where you must work together – both the levels and the enemies have been designed to test the player’s ability to work as a team. With a plethora of lethal weapons available to both you and your enemies, the game feels immersive as you are cowering in the middle of a war zone. With bullets flying through the air, you find yourself relying on the shred of cover you have found; while your friend readies him/herself for a round of cover shooting so you can make a run for it.

The Aim controller and the VR have helped to create a unique experience where you simply lean to see around cover, lift your controller to aim, or blindly fire above your head. Another key element in this title is the lack of loading: As you run from pillar to post dodging the incoming RPGs, you can run to any building or street that you can see, allowing for an uninterrupted experience. This loading free zone is from start to finish, allowing players to truly feel like they are a part of the universe Supermassive have created.




Bravo Team looks like a fast paced Cover shooter, where you have to rely on your friends to help you make quick decisions. Communication appears to be key in this game, so don’t invite that silent gamer to play with you as it could mean a bullet in your head.

Supermassive seem to be hitting every nail on the head this year, and this is no exception. With beautifully realistic graphics and sounds, this may not be a generic brown shooter, and I can see many PSVR sets flying off figurative shelves for this one.

With no current release date, all we know is that Bravo Team will be coming to PSVR some point in the future.




Maz Parry

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