E3 2017 – Supermassive Games Shows off “The Inpatient” : VR Horror set in the ‘Until Dawn’ Universe

This year at E3 Supermassive Games had three games showcased during the PlayStation pre-show Conference. This time I am taking a look at The Inpatient: the other two games (Which are also covered on the site) that were shown off this year are Hidden Agenda and Bravo Team.

So Who are Supermassive Games?

Supermassive Games is a British Game Developer based in Surry, England. Founded in 2008, the team is known for a range of games such as Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, Little Big Planet (PSVita) and Walking With Dinosaurs. Most notably though Supermassive Games are responsible for the 2015 hit Until Dawn.


The Inpatient – What we know

The Inpatient is a VR experience set in 1950s in a familiar sanatorium. Those who have played Until Dawn will remember the halls of this imposing building as you ran from an unseen enemy, made friends with and then lost a dog and for some, lost fingers. The Blackwood Sanatorium is back, and this time the floors are clean – sort of –  and the windows intact.



Set around 60 years prior to Until Dawn, The Inpatient places the player in the shoes of a patient with amnesia in this VR Psychological horror. Just like in Until Dawn, your choices matter, who knows how many of the unsuspecting characters you’ll end up losing as you try to piece together who you are and why you are in Blackwood.

The team wanted to design the game in such a way that it truly feels like you are there, “If you look down you’ll see your body, hands and feet. You can also speak out loud to engage with the characters.” (Nik Bowen, Game Director, Supermassive Games)

The VR element of this game was used creatively in the development; it draws the player in using psychological horror to infiltrate the player’s mind. It takes advantage of the “Immersive 3D Binaural Audio” to complement the astonishing visuals and create a sense of “Isolation and fear”

You do not need to have played Until Dawn and The Inpatient is a standalone game, with a brand new cast of characters and immersive story.




The Inpatient looks like a solid VR horror that has a decent story driven adventure where the player controls a patient within the walls of this impressively foreboding sanatorium. Luckily the game does not seem to be on-rails shooter, unlike the Until Dawn VR spin off ‘Until Dawn: Rush of blood’.

As we have come to see from Supermassive Games, the graphics and visuals are crisp and mind blowing, with the mo-cap perfectly creating this surreal entry, supported by fantastic voice acting and chilling sound track.

The Inpatient will be coming to PSVR soon.


Maz Parry

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