E3 2017 – Supermassive Games Announces new Gritty Crime Thriller “Hidden Agenda”

This year at E3 Supermassive Games had three games showcased during the PlayStation pre-show Conference. This time I am taking a look at Hidden Agenda: the other two games (Which are also covered on the site) that were shown off this year are The Inpatient and Bravo Team.


So Who are Supermassive Games?

Supermassive Games is a British Game Developer based in Surrey, England. Founded in 2008, the team is known for a range of games such as Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, Little Big Planet (PSVita) and Walking With Dinosaurs. Most notably though Supermassive Games are responsible for the 2015 hit Until Dawn.


Hidden Agenda – What we know

Hidden Agenda is an action-adventure game similar to the style of Until Dawn, where the player’s choices directly impacts that outcome of the game. The player controls a homicide detective, Becky Marnie (seen above), and a district attorney, Felicity Graves (seen below), as they investigate the case of “The Trapper”.  A serial killer who puts traps on the deceased in order to injure the first respondents. Quick Time events will help to drive players to fast thinking actions that could (and probably will) lead to the death of characters though out this game.

Hidden Agenda can be played completely alone, but it will also make use of the new feature PlayLink. This allows up to 5 friends to join in with the gameplay using their Android or iOS smart phones. PlayLink players will help to vote on the outcome of decisions, but be wary of them, as there could be a Hidden Agenda – A secret objective given to one of the PlayLink Players, which is intended to cause conflict within the voting system.

Supermassive Games has drawn on the experience from Until Dawn, especially from the online community where gamers streamed their play-through on platforms such as Twitch. This facilitated an multiplayer experience of sorts “where people were shouting out the answers to different decisions”



From what I have seen so far, the game looks like a lot of fun to play. Until Dawn was a great narrative with stunning visuals and tonnes of feels. Hidden Agenda looks like it is going to be a dark gritty crime thriller that seems to take everything that was great about Until Dawn and ramp it up. It is refreshing to see this in a market that is saturated with zombie fuelled First Person Shooters. The PlayLink feature could be a gimmick, only time will tell about that, but it is certainly something I am looking forward to trying out.

Hidden Agenda will be coming to PlayStation 4 later this year.


Maz Parry

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