E3 2017 – Shadow of the Colossus for PS4?

Hidden amongst the titles that we were all expecting at this year’s Sony conference there was a small surprise that had many fans going “What is happening?”

Shadow of the Colossus, the Giant from Team ICO and Japan Studios, graced our PlayStation 2 back in 2005/6. Since then Shadow of the Colossus has become a global phenomenon, even being used in the film Reign Over Me. Some regard it as a cult classic in the gaming industry. In 2011 it was revamped alongside ICO by Bluepoint games and released as a collection for the PlayStation 3 with Updated graphics, trophy support and content that had been missing in the previous PAL version.

It looks like it is happening again; Bluepoint Games is bringing Shadow of the Colossus to the PS4. The trailer looked stunning, and I can’t wait to getting my hands on it. Currently there is no information regarding a release date, other than it will be some time in 2018.


Maz Parry

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