New to Stew May 2017

It has been a fairly quiet month with just 5 new games this month. However there was one that stood out….

Ave Roma 8/10

If this was set on Mars and was only available in limited quantities then this would be the buzz game of the next few months. I see many similarities to Terraforming Mars with this game although I think I prefer this more.

It is a resource management worker placement to try to grab cards on offer that then can help you during the game and that can also give you points at the end of it. Each action you do can chain so that other actions can happen too and you try to achieve this to gain advantages. There is a lot going on here and the first play of 3 players took about 3.5 hours, similar to a game already mentioned. However it was a good 3.5 hours where there was lots going on unlike something talked about below….

Elfengold 7/10

This is the expansion to the 1998 classic Elfenland. I am a big fan of the original game and I have been told by older gamers than I that if you like the base game, the expansion is really good. The theme is still the same, that you go around the map with your Elfenboot and visit places you haven’t before, but with the expansion you have to bid for the transport tiles rather than just draft them, plus the main source of cash for the auction is by having to choose cards or cash at the end of your turn, but if you choose cash you will have no cards to move around the board next turn…. It does make the game a gamers game, but it almost doubled the game length, so I am not sure that extra complexity of the game is worth the extra time taken.

1775: Rebellion 7/10

This is a card driven wargame/eurogame based on the American Revolution. It plays up to 4 players and took about 90 mins. It is fairly straightforward and a far better experience than Quartermaster General that has a similar war/euro type of mix team game. I am not a big wargamer and I enjoyed this. Not enough to go out and buy a copy, but certainly enough to be happy to play this again. Certainly one for eurogamers who like a bit of conflict.

Galaxy’s Edge 7/10

One of the bargain basement games that I had picked up over the years and dumped on the unplayed shelf. I have to say that I wasn’t expecting much from this, but it did surprise. It is a fairly straightforward area presence (not majority which messed with people’s heads) with some screwage going on type of game. You have to decide when flying around the edge of the galaxy if you want to build a military base or colony. If you build the colony, it gets points, but military bases can mess around with peoples nearby colonies and possibly capture them for yourself.

Rolling Freight 4/10

Ugh! This has been on my radar for AGES! Not that easy to find, although if you look hard enough it is out there, but don’t bother. I got it to the table and after reading the rules I was hopeful that it would be a good game. We played it with 4 players, it can do 5. About half way through though we all came to the conclusion that the game had way too much down time and was way too slow. 3.5 Hours in total. There are improvements that you can buy and there are some that are far more useful than others and it is sheer luck if it is your turn when one of the good ones comes available. The production quality of the game is excellent, but that is as good as it gets I’m afraid. I shudder to think how long it would take with 5 players!

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