Destiny 2 gets its first teaser trailer barely hours after Age of Triumph drops

Truly, this is an embarrassment of riches. First Age of Triumph, which I’ll share my thoughts on once I’ve gotten through a decent chunk of it, and now this. The trailer’s at the bottom of the article; if you want to skip past everything I have to say, feel free – believe me, I get it. If I hadn’t already seen the trailer, I wouldn’t want to read my rambling either.

Anyway – the trailer shows, more than anything else, that Bungie knows where the community’s heart lies. It features two characters – Cayde-6 and Sweeper Bot. And that Mega Bloks set that seemingly leaked a plot point a while back? Bang on the money. The Cabal are attacking the tower, the Last City is burning down, things are blowing the fuck up – and Cayde-6 is sitting in a bar, having a drink. Heh. As far as trailers go, it doesn’t get a heck of a lot more entertaining than this.

It’s also fairly remarkable how accurately a lot of this was foreseen by the community. There’s been a fair bit of discussion around the fact that the story would pick up from where the Outbound Signal mission left off in The Taken King – with the full might of the Cabal Empire hurled straight at the Guardians and the Tower and that seems to be exactly what’s happening here.

This has always seemed to be the most plausible way forward. All the other races have been featured fairly prominently – the Vex in the vanilla game; the Hive in The Dark Below; the Fallen in House of Wolves and Rise of Iron; and the Taken in The Taken King. Only the Cabal have had no raid, no major story impact, nothing of great consequence, really. It makes sense that they get their time in the spotlight in Destiny 2.

That said, I hope there’s more to this than the Cabal. While they’ve never been explored significantly, I’ve already stomped legions of Cabal into the dust of Mars. I would like something new to stomp, please. Hopefully, we’ll find out tomorrow, on the 30th, when the first (full, non-teasery) official reveal trailer drops.

In the meanwhile, here you go, enjoy. Between now and the reveal trailer, I’m going to try to figure out what in the hell an Exo drinks when he goes to a bar.

Trevor Coelho

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