Stewarts best games of 2016

This is a list of the best games that I have come across over the last 12 months. They may not have been released in 2016, but they were new to me in 2016. Although saying that only a couple of games mentioned in this article are pre 2016.

Round House

I saw this at Essen, got a demo and completely fell in love with it. Unfortunately they had sold out and it was not available, but I have recently got my hands on a copy as it has recently been reprinted. There was some excellent games this year, but this was the best. New to Stew Feb 2017 (although I did get to try it out in Oct, but not a full game).

Oracle of Delphi

Yep, a Feld. Nothing like the ‘same old, same old’ stuff that he usually designs. I am still feeling the love for this gem. New to Stew in November.

Mystic Vale

The unique deck building/card crafting game, although you don’t increase the number of cards in your deck! This was also New to Stew in November.


This was new to me in January 2017, but it was released in 2016 so it makes the list, plus it is my list so I can make the rules up! A very hard to get hold of and almost unlikely to be reprinted worker placement game. Give this a play if you get a chance.


This surprised me a lot how good this was, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked this up and the theme and artwork sold me on this one and sometimes those speculative punts can pay off, big time in some cases. This was New to Stew in December


What a cracking little card game this was. Very simple to teach and pick up, but I expect that it will take an age to master. Very abstract but very, very good. I am not surprised that copies of this are now selling for 3 times their original selling price (well until the reprint, if it happens anyway). New to Stew in January.

Mare Nostrum: Empires

A reimplementation of the awesome 2003 game and different enough to the original to warrant owning both versions, it is really good none the less. I have my money’s worth out of this game already and this was only new to me in September.

Best Expansion

Hansa Teutonica – Britannia

This has an impact that Salsa did on Concordia. It is really, really good and if you own the base game of Hansa Teutonica and like it, you really should get this. It makes an excellent game an outstanding one. It is just a board and some new rules, but the new rules make some drastic changes that change the dynamic of the game. This was New to Stew in September.

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