New to Stew February 2017

A good number of plays this month, but only 4 new games, well I did play a new map for Concordia too, but that doesn’t really count. It has been an odd month too for the new games, this month the game that came bottom of the list may well have been the best game other months. It has been a while since I gave a 10 and there was one this month, although I kind of knew that I was going to love it before its first full play.

Round house 10/10

I had played several turns of this at Essen at the TBD booth and loved it. Unfortunately (for us, not the publishers) they had sold out so we had to do without. After emailing Emperor S4 Games they said that it was being reprinted and should be hitting stores in the New Year. Sure enough, true to their word it did, although I have only found Spirit Games selling it in the UK.

Using a double rondel system with the theme of the traditional Round House and honouring ancestors, it works beautifully. The artwork is really good, the production is spot on and the Round House tiles are the thickest tiles you will ever find in a game, they must be 10mm thick. It is hard to summarise something this good into a few sentences without going into full review mode here. Plays upto 5 players, but its sweet spot is 3-4 players and can be done easily in 90 mins.

If you get the opportunity to play this game, play it. It is not that easy to find and there are not that many copies out there. Just play it. It is awesome. This is the game of Essen 16. Not Terraforming Mars. I sold my copy of TM for £90+. I used the proceeds to buy this and put the change towards more games.

Antike II 9/10

I have had this for a while and just kept overlooking getting it to the table. I liked Antike but it had flaws and that put me off it a little, but this was meant to address them. Did it? Yes it certainly did. It removed the distinct advantage that the first player got in the original game and there was several different ways to head towards victory. This definitely needs more attention and is very much on the radar again. Why on earth did I not get this to the table any sooner?

Guilds of London 8/10

I had heard nothing but praise for Tony’s new game (or not so new now), but I was never around when it was on the table at the club I go to and I don’t own a copy so it took a while to get this played. I eventually got it. A very nice area control/hand management game with nice graphics. One nagging point was the lack of crib sheets that are essential. Got them sorted after my first play.

Kolejka 8/10

A game about queueing up in Poland in the 80’s trying to achieve your shopping list. Surely this is a terrible idea for a game? No, it was very enjoyable indeed. You have cards that can manipulate the order of the queues and only a limited amount of cards to use in the game, so you have to be careful when you use them, plus demand is outstripping supply by huge amounts and believe it or not, the theme is captured very well as you all argue for those elusive goods!


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