You’re Welcome Traitor Edition


Certain games are about camaraderie, the sharing of resources and knowledge in order to overcome various obstacles. These games are friendly exercises against a common goal. Others are competitive, with everyone struggling to eke out whatever victory conditions have been determined by the game. These, though competitive, typically end with all the players patting each other and the back and celebrating the game.

There are, however, certain games that almost necessitate hard feelings. Those are the games which start out with everybody all chummy, much like the aftermath of a shark hunt. But when the timing is right one of our dear friends reveals that they were in fact a turncoat, secretly attempting to sabotage our every step. These are games with a traitor mechanic.

Whether it’s a traitorous survivor in Dead of Winter, a Cylon in Battlestar Galactica, or a Minion of Mordred in Resistance: Avalon, traitors exist to not only make our lives miserable but to revel in doing so. And at the end of the game, when our trust has been shattered and our friendships tested, we turn to them and say “Thanks for nothing.” And they say, with a hint of smug satisfaction: “You’re Welcome.”

This You’re Welcome parody (based on the hit song You’re Welcome from Disney’s Moana) is all about the satisfaction traitors take in turning an otherwise nice game into one in which you are constantly looking over your shoulder, wondering where the next betrayal will occur.

I plan on doing more of these parodies in the future; if you have any ideas of songs/games you would like to hear as a parody, let me know and I’ll see what I can work in.

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