YouTube Tuesdays: Mr. Fruit

This is (hopefully) the start of a new series in which the Lizard Lounge team talks about their favourite content creators on YouTube. If you’re reading this (you’re beautiful, ILY) and there’s someone amazing out there whom we haven’t talked about, drop us a line in the comments. We’d be happy to look them up and make sure that the world knows where and how to find them.

To my dismay, I spent a great deal of 2016 on YouTube. Ridiculous internet bills aside, I’ve come to the conclusion that some of the best content available on the internet happens to be on YouTube. There’s a great deal of crap, certainly, tons and tons of clickbait garbage that exist only to stoke my murderous tendencies – but nestled snugly amidst the piles of faeces is, occasionally, a gem.

Mr. Fruit is one such.

He’s probably the only YouTuber whose content I have not only watched repeatedly, but also actively sought out. He’s running a second season of a Rust series that I am desperately waiting for more episodes of – but I’ll come to that in a second.

If you’re wondering who Mr. Fruit is, Bungie did a piece on him some time ago. It’s worth taking a look at. I discovered his channel when YouTube was busy shoving Destiny content in my face and it turned out to be a magnificent accident.

Most of Mr. Fruit’s Destiny content is centered around PvP and, perhaps because of that, his content is more entertaining than most. My Fruit and two of his friends – BlueWestlo and Rhabby_V – who together call themselves the Dream Team, hop into a PvP match and all manner of hilarity ensues.

As an example, let’s talk about one of my favourite set of videos – The Dream Team Olympics. One of the challenges that Blue set for the team was to hop into a Control match and get points only by capturing the zones on the map. No use of guns, melee, grenades, supers – not even at risk of dying. Getting a kill would result in a point penalty.

Now this all sounds perfectly normal until you consider the fact that until recently, Destiny had no private matches. Which meant that the three members of the Dream Team hopped into a regular 6v6 match with nine other people who had no idea what they were up to. They proceeded to run around like lunatics, trying to capture objectives, shooting at absolutely no one at all, no doubt to the complete and utter bewilderment of everyone around them – and it was glorious.

Fruit, Blue and Rob have fantastic senses of humour, but the bonkers situations that they put themselves in with people who are just trying to play the game is what elevates the beautiful, charming madness of the videos.

There’s also a certain chaos that comes from doing PvP-based content. I’ve watched a lot of Professor Broman, Teawrex, and King Gothalion’s raids, for example, but none of them will have a moment of someone screaming “EVOLVETWISTED WINS THE OLYMPICS!” (Still one of the best Dream Team moments. Mr. Fruit, if you’re reading this, we need another Dream Team Olympics, please.)

Somehow, without fail, Fruit manages to make the chaos of PvP work for him in a way that I haven’t seen a single other Destiny YouTuber pull off with so much consistency and entertainment value.

Destiny content isn’t all that he does, though. As I mentioned earlier, he’s running a Rust series in which he is – I kid you not – gathering randoms on a server in an attempt to build a kingdom. So far, progress has been surprisingly good but there may be (gasp) a traitor among them, working for the villainous All Stars, who seem determined to plague Fruit Nation with their tendency of building mysterious signs and running around in goat masks.

He does a lot of Overwatch content as well and is running a fantastic series called Pokewatch – Pokemon battles with Overwatch heroes and it is one of the greatest things on the interwebz.

If you’d like to go check Mr. Fruit out – which I firmly believe you should – these are some playlists that you ought to take a look at:
Rust Season 2
– The Dream Team Olympics: Team Booty, Team Fruit, and Team Salt
Iron Banner Bets
– The Hawkmoon Wager and Rhabby’s Revenge 1, 2, 3 and Rhabby’s Redemption

That’ll keep you occupied for days if you don’t binge watch everything he has on his channel like I did, and then there’s the new content that he’s working on to look forward to and keep up with. If you’d like to follow him, he’s on YouTube and Twitter.

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