The Dawning is out for Destiny: Rise of Iron and the changes are fantastic

If anything, this is Bungie sticking their hand up and saying, “Hey, we listen.” As much as I was looking forward to the Dawning event itself, it’s the quality of life improvements that make this one of Destiny’s best patch.

Here are the highlights.


He sells Exotic shards again. ‘Nuff said? ‘Nuff said. He also sells a stack of 10 heavy ammo synths instead of 3.

Skeleton Keys

Skeleton Key drops rates have been ‘slightly increased’. The drop rate earlier was about one key for every twenty strikes, so I’m curious about what the increase is like. I’ll run some strikes and update this post as soon as I have an idea of what the change is like.

However, you can also get one guaranteed Skeleton Key a week – your first Nightfall completion guarantees a Skeleton Key. But it’s one per account, not per character.

Silver dust and oranments

You no longer need silver dust to apply Exotic weapon ornaments. A silver dust store has also been added to the tower, between the postmaster and Eververse. From here, you can purchase specific ornaments, using silver dust. No more wading through loot boxes while praying that RNGesus won’t crap all over your dreams.

Green engrams

Picking up a green engram automatically converts the engram into weapon or armour materials. I’ve been reading reports that you don’t get any glimmer from this, though; I’ll have to find some greens myself to run over to confirm.


New bounties are available from Petra to help players rack up Queen’s Wrath rep faster.


You can buy Passage Coins from Brother Vance in the Reef. The Speaker sells subclass-specific quest class items. If you earned yours and dismantled it, you can now buy it back. The Gunsmith sells the rank 2 reward weapons – Immobius, Susanoo, and Stillpiercer. And, Praise the Sun, you can finally buy wormspore from the Vanguard Quartermaster.

All in all, these are glorious changes. My initial reaction was simply to gape in amazement – I got hung up on ‘Xur sells exotic shards again’ for a good five minutes – and then to read and re-read the patch notes to make sure I wasn’t imagining the bulk of it.

The reddit community’s reaction seemed to be positive in the hours since the patch dropped and I’ve seen more than a few people call it Destiny’s best patch. That is, quite honestly, well deserved. Bungie’s made great strides towards keeping their players happy and this patch, in particular, shows how much attention they’re paying to everything the community is saying.

There’s plenty more to this patch that I haven’t listed here and I haven’t even talked about the Dawning itself. That will come, soon – but if you’d like to dig into the patch notes yourself, you’ll find them here.

Trevor Coelho

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