Old news now, but the first Spiderman Homecoming trailer is out

And, in a surprise to absolutely no one, it looks fantastic.

While some may be experiencing understandable superhero fatigue, I’m always looking forward to Marvel’s next big thing. For one, they always put on a good show. I’ve never walked out of a theatre feeling disappointed and Homecoming looks like it’ll continue Marvel’s surprisingly stellar track record.

With Homecoming, as with all the movies that have come before it, Marvel continues to show that they genuinely understand their characters and built stories around their strengths. And now, Peter Parker – who made a stunning debut in Civil War – looks to be getting a story that fits the picture I have of him from the comics. What I love most is that his sense of humour seems to be at the forefront – because that’s always been a significant part of his nerdy charm.

I am, for some reason, reminded of the Peter Parker from the Ultimate Spiderman series; I don’t know if that’s intentional but I’m pleased. It was a version of the character I enjoyed (I stopped reading Spiderman long before Miles Morales came on the scene) so it’s nice to see a movie that brings back good memories make its way onto the big screen.

If Marvel knocks this one out of the park – and there’s little reason to assume they won’t – all they really need to do is fix the X-Men movies and then DC will have about a snowball’s chance in hell of catching up.

If you haven’t seen the thing already, here you go. And if you have, watch again? It’s a good trailer.

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Trevor Coelho

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