Games new to Stew Nov 2016

So what has been my busiest month ever games played wise since I started gaming back in 2005, 111 games played with a whopping 21 new games.

A good number are new releases and some are older. There was only one pretty bad game among that lot too. A few were a bit meh but on the whole most were good and there was a couple that stood out significantly.

Oracle of Delphi 9/10


More to the point. Those of you who know me in person will be shocked by my game of the month. I will always play a Feld game if it is offered, once, then go on about how it rips off game X or game Y in so many ways. You know, your typical Feld rubbish. Then never play it again.

This, however, does not do that. There is no point salad. I am struggling to find games that have been ripped off here. This is not a Feld. It can’t be, I like it! It is a race game, you have to compete to do a number of tasks in the quickest amount of time. The tag is very loosely tagged on, it could be a race about anything and the game would be no different. But don’t let the abstract theme deter you from trying the game, it is good, really good and this is coming from a guy who has a T-shirt with ‘F£ld sucks’ as a back print!

Mystic Vale 9/10


A ‘card crafting’ game. It is kind of like a deck builder but you have cards that are sleeved. There are some of your cards that have some functions and abilities, but a lot of them are blank. You can purchase transparent upgrades to your cards (so you can see previous upgrades or basic cards behind them) as the cards have space for up to 2 or 3 upgrades depending on if there was something printed on the card originally or was blank. The number of cards in your deck does not increase from the starting 20 you have, but they change as the game goes along.

Another tagged on theme like most deck builders, but the novelty of the building your cards up is fascinating and this game was only pipped to game of the month as I think that Delphi has more replayability than this does as you will eventually find a killer combination of cards. After about 4 plays I am seeing some cards that are really powerful already.

Dead Last 8/10


What a great game this is. Party game with a bit of a Ca$h n Gun$ feel to it. Serious gamers, this is not for you and likewise for people who take things personally as you will find one of your neighbouring players trying to stitch you up. It only takes about 20 mins to play a full game and the more players the merrier. It plays up to 12 people.

Captain Sonar 8/10


One of the hot games from Essen. I didn’t pick this up at Essen, it had sold out when I looked, but I know enough people with a copy, so it wasn’t an issue. I tried this both in the Turn by Turn mode and Real Time mode. Turn by turn – awful. Way too slow and ‘They Come Unseen’ does the same job far, far better. Real Time, completely different game. Quick, hectic, fun. The only thing with the real time is that it is an 8 player game. It is too hard to play with any less. If you can get the player count, it is awesome. It can be a bit stressy though for the Captains and Radio Operators, so be warned.

Fuji Flush 8/10


A neat little card game where you have to get rid of your cards in hand, but it is easier said than done. We played it with 5 players and it worked well. It goes up to 8 and I think it would be just as good with more players.

Mansions of Madness 2nd edition 8/10


This wasn’t really on my radar but a friend asked if I fancied a game, so why not? I was warned that it would be about 6 hours and it was a good estimate. We played it over 2 sessions. There are a number of different scenarios you can play and we decided to do a long one.

A game based around the world of HP Lovecraft and like Descent, the 2nd edition removes the need for the Overlord so it is no longer one against the rest and you play together to beat the app. Another one of the growing genre of games needing an app. I liked the first edition but I only played it a couple of times and never even played my copy.

I really enjoyed this. There was even a bit of role playing with the app. It took some time for the beasties to turn up to give us a hard time, but when they did we took a pasting. I’m not sure I’d rush out and get this, mainly as it is so expensive, my usual gaming group is unlikely to play it and I can play a friends copy whenever I visit them.

Time Bomb II 8/10


A neat hidden role game where you have to push your luck to try to cut wires to diffuse a bomb while a traitor or two in the mix hidden away may be pushing you in one direction of the other to try to get the bomb to go off. Works well with smaller numbers too, unusual for a hidden role game, they usually work better with more players.

Potion Explosion 8/10


A bit of a Candy Crush thing going on here, but done very nicely. Making use of a 3D rack for marbles to roll down to create Potion Explosions, which you can then use to create potions. It is kind of a set collecting game, but it is done very well and I enjoyed this a lot

The Great Heartland Trucking Co. 7/10


A nice pick up and deliver in a small box with a small price.

Millions of Dollars 7/10


More Ca$h n Gun$ heist backstabby action

Deception Murder in Hong Kong 7/10


Hidden role trying to pick out murder weapons from a silent player – Mysterium fans will like this.

Escape the Nightmare 7/10


Real time co-op to try to make sets of cards while trying to obey changing rules. Very difficult but good fun.

Beyond Baker Street 7/10


Hanabi but easier

Biblios 7/10


Set collecting with a clever auction mechanic at the end.

Cottage Garden 7/10


Patchwork for up to 4 players with extra elements. I enjoyed it, but not as good as some people say.

Jorvik 7/10


Rehashed Feld. Better than his usual garbage he pumps out and will get played again. Interesting abstract auction/worker placement game.

Not Alone 7/10


Unusual one this, one player against the rest. I only played it once as the one (the creature) and got slaughtered and once as a human and we got slaughtered again. I expect that this might go up a bit in my rankings after more plays.

Oilfield 7/10


Produce oil, buy land, sell oil, invest in points. Huge Tinners Trail influence here. Review upcoming soon.

The Gothic Game 6/10


Big multiplayer game where ‘You die’ is stated a lot, even more than the Dungeonquest rulebook. Last man (or woman) standing wins in this. Shows its age but will be fun in the right company.

Imperial Settlers 5/10


A game that divides opinions. I was a bit apprehensive when I said I would play it and would be keen not to play it again. It just seemed too long time wise for what it did. Far better euros out there.

Last Friday 4/10


Letters from Whitechapel, but far worse. Whitechapel was pretty bad too. Hidden movement one versus the rest that took hours and hours and hours. Plenty of theme here, not much game though.


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