Demonic #2 Review

Spoilers within, and all that jazz.

I thoroughly enjoyed issue #1 of Demonic, but #2 doesn’t quite live up to the potential of the first.

#1 was more exciting, bursting at the seams with blood and action, teasing backstory and all manner of interesting things. #2 doesn’t expand on them in quite the way I would have liked.

Our protagonist, Scott Graves, continues his bloody crusade, harvesting souls for the demon riding his own. The problem is that his crusade still has very little context. The demon’s made it clear that she wants souls; she won’t tell him how many and she won’t tell him why. This lack of answers – or even half-answers; I’d be fine with that also – makes it difficult to enjoy the book in the same way as its predecessor.

What we are given in this issue is the consequences of Scott’s murders in the first. He’s killed a cop, now the cops have even more reason to want him caught. And the focus on the more mundane, routine-police-work side of things – while necessary, no doubt – makes Demonic #2 harder to enjoy. The edge of the first issue, that thrilling sense of the supernatural, just isn’t there.

Another problem is Scott’s sudden willingness to play along with his demon. He realises that he’s stuck doing what his demon wants if he wants to keep his family alive, so he chooses to become a vigilante of sorts. Using police records, he starts to build a list of people he’d be okay with killing – which is, of course, going to come back to bite him in the nethers an issue or two from now.

His compliance removes a lot of the tension from the book. Scott’s doing what he’s told, the cops are hunting him, people are dying, the demon is being fed. That’s it. Except for one, fairly mild twist at the end, there’s very little about this issue that goes out of the way to challenge or surprise the reader.

If you’re invested in the series already, Demonic #2 might be worth buying simply because it continues the story. If you weren’t particularly taken by #1, give this one a miss.

Hopefully, issue 3 will be better.

Trevor Coelho


Regrettably average. Demonic #1 was great. Demonic #2 is not.

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