Star Wars Rogue One gets a new trailer, and it’s not half bad, really

It is entirely possible that I am the only Star Wars fan in the world with little to no enthusiasm for Rogue One. Despite the trailers that I’ve seen and the articles that I’ve read over the months leading up to the impending release, I’ve found myself growing less and less enthusiastic for it over time. Simply put – is this a story that needs telling?

Disney seems to think so, obviously, and the trailers look like it will be a fun war movie – plenty of explosions, many dramatic speeches, lots of rousing music. My problem is that I already know how this ends. They go in to get the plans, they get the plans, they laugh at the idiot who left an exhaust port to the core exposed, and the Luke blows the Death Star to smithereens.

What I loved about The Force Awakens was the fact that it moved the story forward in a meaningful way. It set the stage for the future in a fictional universe that I love to bits and, in tiny ways, expanded on Star Wars’ fascinating mythology.

But how much can Rogue One really do to expand on what the other movies have already shown us? The Jedi aren’t involved, Luke isn’t on the scene, we already know so much of Vader’s story that his presence in Rogue One is likely to bring no surprises at all.

Even tonally, the movie doesn’t seem to deviate from the template that the Star Wars films have adhered to for so long. There’s a shot in the trailer in which Jin says, “We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope.” I swear, I thought she was being sarcastic the first time I heard it – and I loved that Rogue One suddenly felt like a movie with an attitude. A second and third watch of the trailer however, made me reconsider – she seems remarkably sincere.

And that was a fairly big letdown. I’d like to see Star Wars taking a risk or two. Doing something new. Not catapulting all the way over to Zach Snyder territory, god no, never that. But doing something that doesn’t make me feel like I’m watching an echo of a movie that was released almost 40 years ago.

Hopefully, when Rogue One releases, I will be proven woefully wrong in my opinion. Nothing would make me happier. In the meanwhile, here’s the new trailer. Enjoy.

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