Kotaku reports that Destiny 2 may be coming to PC

Like the title says, Destiny 2 might be coming to PC. It’s a very interesting article and, ever since the feature that Jason Schrier did on the story behind the making of Destiny, I’ve had a fair bit of faith in his reporting of Destiny-related content.

Equally interesting is the fact that industry insider Shinobi602 weighed in on the topic, saying that Destiny 2 will be coming to PC in a post on NeoGAF. Shinobi602 has been behind a great many leaks that turned out to be spot on, including God of War 4, Mass Effect Andromeda, Black Ops 3, Quantum Break, and The Order 1886 among others.

For me personally, it’s fascinating to consider what this means for Destiny. Shinobi’s NeoGAF post is pretty detailed and promises a pretty amazing future for Destiny if it’s true.

It talks about a full overhaul of the engine and dev process so that Bungie can produce more content faster, without being tied down by the limitations of the current engine and development tools. There’s also mention of more open play spaces, fewer hardlines for areas, and less menu-based gates.

Story-wise, the focus is supposed to be Cabal and Saturn, which is thoroughly plausible in my opinion – since a story mission in The Taken King, called ‘Outbound Signal‘, set up precisely this story beat.

All in all, it’s a fascinating read and something that I highly recommend taking a look at. If true – that’s the caveat, after all; this could all be woefully inaccurate – it means that Bungie’s taking enormous steps forward to make sure that Destiny’s 10-year journey is well worth being a part of.

Trevor Coelho

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