Agricola : All creatures big and small app review from Digidiced

Agricola – All creatures big and small – the 2 player adaptation of Agricola gets the digital treatment from Digidiced. Did they do a good job? Continue reading…..

I am not really a reviewer of digital games. I am analogue all the way baby, well sort of. I do have a steam library of just over 50 games. I own and enjoy the physical version of All creatures big and small so it would be a good thing to compare it to the digital version, especially as the digital version is £3.49 compared to around £20 for the box version.

I only own 2 other board game adaptations that I have played – Steam and Kingdom Builder. They are both excellent versions of the board games but I found that with having played games against the AI on Kingdom builder I am not so keen to play the actual physical version as I was before I owned the digital version.


This is my boxed copy of the game

However as I found while trying to get the relevant plays in to review Odins Ravens I found that I found it hard to get plays in of 2 player games. However a 2 player game with online players and AI, that should speed things along nicely. It did too.

So how did I get on? I played my way through the tutorial even though I knew my way around the game and learnt about the game actually works. It didn’t tell me how interact with the game modes to find online games, but it was fairly straightforward even for a Luddite like me. I played the AI first and sailed past them, Easy, Medium and Hard with not too much bother. After I found my way around to find online games I was soon finding the challenge with other players giving me a suitable hammering. Some of the players seemed to be taking their turns immediately after mine and some almost a day after I took mine. I found myself in games with 2 people in the top 10 ranked players and one against the top player. Oddly enough a good thrashing ensued. But I did learn from my thrashings.


The title screen. Why can I relate to one of the sheep towards the bottom left of the picture?

The online games add 4 buildings from one of the expansions to the game too. I don’t have any of the expansions so I had to learn what the new buildings did quite quickly. Apart from that it is identical to the physical game. Placing the things that you pick up is straightforward and intuitive. The game does not place the animals in the optimal locations when you pick them up – the game even tells you this in the tutorial – and you have to suss out the best locations for the animals but moving them about is straightforward.


The player board

If you haven’t played All Creatures Big and Small but like Agricola, this might be worth checking out. I am certainly enjoying myself playing this. As I said before I own the box copy and I have played it a total of 4 times (well I did say I usually find myself playing multiplayer games rather than 2 player games, what can I say? I’m popular). I have played 19 games via the app. Out of the 19 games I have played so far I have won 11 and lost 8. However some of the wins came as a result of the game timing out as if you don’t take your turn after 24 hours after the other player takes their turn you automatically lose. Well when I say they timed out they just probably didn’t bother completing them as I was winning comfortably. I found this a little annoying but it is the fault of the other players not the app. Even when I was getting stuffed I still played until the end.


Action selection screen

The online games count towards your ranking, so the more you win the better your ranking. The ranking is available for everyone to see, so that is how I knew that I was playing people in the top 10. I am actually ranked 42 right now.


The ranking screen. I am not called Fritz. This is not my photo. You can tell my photos they are not this good 🙂

You can play against another player locally too, but I have not got to try this function out yet. The AI is the only negative about this game. It was way too easy to beat, even on hard level. It was fine for learning how to use the app and play the game but after that it is redundant. However I have been told by Digidiced that work is still ongoing with the AI to make it harder. I was warned that it had a few bugs that Digidiced knew about, but I didn’t find them. Even on my old obsolete tablet (the original Hudl for those UK based people) it worked fine apart from when the WiFi dropped out – which is down to my tablet and not the app. My tablet is an Android tablet.


The scoring screen

You can find more information about the game and Digidcied via the link below

The links below are to the app pages if you fancy picking this up.



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