In the run up to Rise of Iron, SIVA seems to be infecting Destiny’s Guardians

I woke up this morning to this video from King Gothalion.

If you’re wondering what the infection is, there’s a magnificent megathread on r/DestinyTheGame dedicated to the subject. The short version is that there are five potential buffs available that players can spread to one another.

They are Brilliance 3.2, Glory 2.1, Splendour 2.6, Magnificence 2.0, and Fortitude 3.1. For the time being, the effects seem to be entirely positive – increased XP and reputation gains for the duration of the infection.

One of the first few Guardians to get it was directed to a Bungie microsite called Owl Sector. The website seems to be updating itself as more and more players get the buff and Grimoire-style chat logs are being unlocked that correspond to each buff. Here are two lines from one of my favourite entries:

CY6: I don’t see the harm in it. A little mysterious fun, some ka-ching to our usual pew-pew. Didn’t you take candy from strangers, when you were newborn in the Light?

ZAV: No. I did not.

There seems to be no fixed/specific way to get the buffs; the first time this came up on the Destiny subreddit, the Guardian in question got it from the Crucible; I got my buffs from doing a couple of strikes. I don’t think it’ll be hard to get infected; there are people running all around the tower with little floofs of this weird nanotechnological pixie dust all around their heads; simply run in circles around them until you get it?

One thing that Goth brings up is that no one seems to able to contract more viruses than the ones they initially get. I have Magnificence and Brilliance on my Titan right now and, if that’s true, I shouldn’t be able to get the other three. So far I’ve done the daily mission, strikes, and some patrol but I’ve had zero luck with getting more than two.



I’ll hop into the Crucible for a bit to see if that changes in any way. If it does, I’ll update this post.

Anyone else think that when Rise of Iron drops, these infections will go completely ballistic and nuke every single Guardian in the game, giving us a reason to hunt down and end SIVA once and for all? Fingers crossed – that would be goddamn epic.

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