The Fix #1 Review

“Just so there’s no confusion. We are not nice guys…”


In the wrong hands the subject matter found in The Fix would result in a heavy handed, darkly depressing read. It paints a pretty bleak landscape. The opening shots have us listen to a crook lament about the old days and how he longs for a return to the more physically brutal nature of crime in light of the rise of modern technology and Russian whizzkid hackers getting rich.

And so it’s with great pleasure that I can report that this story is being delivered by exactly the right hands. Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber.


Right from the off the writing of Spencer proves both engaging and deeply humorous, honestly it’s one of the wittiest comics I’ve ever read. The dialogue is slick, fast flowing and cutting, as double act Roy and Mac enjoy a brilliant back and forth of smart remarks and friendly digs.

We open with the duo engaged in the robbery of an old folks home during a bingo session, like I said, in the wrong hands it could have been pretty grim. What unfolds though is a first look at our main protagonist and his best friend approaching their heinous crime with a little heart on show.

Mac looking over the shoulder of an elderly female resident: “She say C-3? That’s Bingo.”

Turns to wave his gun towards the other residents: “That’s fucking Bingo. Show some respect.”


What follows is a fast moving opening chapter that gives a great insight into the rollercoaster ride we are about to embark upon. The writing is crisp and concise, brutal and hilarious, it drives the pace of the read beautifully. We meet film producer Donovan as he reels off a laugh out loud funny tale of a recent sexual misadventure, and then discover his madness runs much deeper, and we encounter Josh, a loving father and homicidal fucking maniac with a penchant for cookery and chopping off body parts. Already, just one issue in, it’s one hell of a cast.

There’s a fantastic pay off that lands roughly a third of the way into the comic and honestly had me thinking I’d reached the end of issue hook and was ready to leave happy and thirsting for the next chapter. The fact that the story continued and laid some seriously solid foundations for future adventures in the lives of Roy and Mac was a true blessing.

The artwork of Lieber perfectly compliments Spencer’s writing. Woven into the details are little snippets that add further layers to the underlying humour already running throughout the story. The work is such that every panel does just the right amount, there is no dip in flow from getting lost in the intricacies, but also no moments of wondering what the hell is actually happening here?

Issue one of The Fix has proved one of the most enjoyable comics I’ve read in a long time, and I’ve read some crackers! We have the beginnings of a story with the sort of dialogue and characters to make it a modern day classic, and I cannot wait to dive in again.

Oh, and one last word, “Pretzels”, what an ending!

Read it, you’ll know what I mean.

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A truly stellar opening issue to what could be one of the most entertaining comics of recent years. Equal parts witty, brutal and…weird, Donovan I’m looking at you, The Fix is flexing some serious muscle.

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