Baldur’s Gate Siege of Dragonspear is out, and has terrible reviews on Steam, GOG and Metacritic

It was the bad reviews, more than anything else, that prompted me to buy it. As of April 3rd, the reviews say that multiplayer is buggy, the writing is bad, it breaks mods, and that the UI received an unnecessary change.

There’s also this, from Beamdog Founder Trent Oster – a request for positive Steam reviews from people who are enjoying the game, to balance out the negative ones. His message below, copied straight from the forum post.

Hi everyone. I usually spend most of my time lurking here, but I’d like to ask a favour. It appears that having a transgendered cleric and a joke line by Minsc has greatly offended the sensibilities of some people. This has spurred these people into action, causing them to decide this is the worst game of all time and give it a zero review score on Steam, GoG and meta critic. Now, I’d like to ask for that favour. If you are playing the game and having a good time, please consider posting a positive review to balance out the loud minority which is currently painting a dark picture for new players.

Thank you.

Overall, the release of what should have been a much-loved expansion to one of gaming’s greatest RPGs, has turned into something very closely resembling a trainwreck. Reviews on GOG are bad as well, with an average rating of 2 stars; and the Metacritic rating is generally unfavourable at the time of this writing, with 60 negative user reviews, 3 mixed, and 25 positive.

And so it was sheer curiosity, an urge to see how badly the (perhaps unnecessary) expansion to Baldur’s Gate has been buggered up, that drove me to make the purchase. I’m going to play through it – starting with Baldur’s Gate EE, and work my way through to Dragonspear.

Even if the expansion is terrible, I can’t see myself being especially bothered by it because, in my mind, Baldur’s Gate was done and dusted in grand style. It ended years ago with Throne of Bhaal, exactly as I would have wanted, and Dragonspear being awful will not change that. If Dragonspear turns out to be good, I’ll be glad, certainly. But if it isn’t, it won’t change the way I remember Baldur’s Gate.

The only upside is that if there’s any game capable of dragging me away from Destiny right now, it’s the one that made me love RPGs in the first place. And that can only be a good thing.

Trevor Coelho

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    1. Saw that… I’m disappointed that they cut Minsc’s dialogue because if they put it there in the first place, they must’ve thought it would be a good idea. The controversial character doesn’t seem to have been touched, which might be a good thing.

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