PlayStation VR priced (relatively reasonably) and aiming for October this year

Update: It seems that for some reason the PSVR bundle won’t include the camera required to function. So make it $460/£400. By the way, £400 is about $560. Why does the UK always get stiffed on prices?


Courtesy of Geoff Keighley’s live Periscope stream, I’ve just witnessed Sony’s Andrew House announce the planned price point and intended release window for their virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR. The plan is to release this October for $400/€400/£350 which, when compared to the competitors out there, is a good bit lower – HTC’s Vive for £700/$800 and the Oculus Rift for £500/$600.

Of course those who opt for a PlayStation setup will also require a PS4 (or will already have one), but the other two options both require fairly specced-up PCs to get the most out of them, and one of those will probably cost twice that of Sony’s console.

Take a look at Sony’s official announcement video below.

Oh, and there’s an exclusive partnership with EA, DICE and Lucasfilm to bring a brand new Star Wars: Battlefront experience to PlayStation VR. Nothing concrete was given on that front, just confirmation that it was happening and that it would only be available on Sony’s own foray into the virtual reality space.

There are sure to be more announcements and more information relayed over the coming months, but $400/£350 is no bad place for Sony to set their stall. What say you?

Is that enough to persuade you? I think if you’ve got a PS4 already, it’s difficult not to be tempted, right? And it can’t be denied that the PlayStation VR is a cheaper alternative to the other leading headsets out there. Perhaps you’re still waiting to be impressed by the software that’s been doing the rounds – let’s be honest, the vast majority are just short-lived tech demos. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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