Spiderman makes his first official appearance in the MCU

If you haven’t seen the trailer already, here you go.

The first thing I noticed was how true to the comics his suit is. All of the previous movies, first with Tobey Maguire and then with Andrew Garfield, have always done their own thing with the suit. Tom Holland looks like he stepped clean out of the comics and hopped into the trailer.

I honestly don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad one because I found his appearance a little jarring. There’s a group of heroes that, so far, have contributed in either interesting or meaningful (or both) ways to furthering the interconnected storyline of the MCU. Each of these heroes – outside of Black Panther and Ant-Man, I think – have legitimate reasons for being on different sides of the conflict in Civil War. And, as viewers, we know those reasons because we’ve been along for the ride.

If you’ve been following the Avengers movies, for example, you’ll recognise New York and Sokovia, which are being used – presumably with other, equally valid reasons – for having oversight and regulation of superhero activity. Because the characters we’ve seen so far played roles in these conflicts, their guilt or lack thereof places them on either sides of the Civil War.

I can kinda-sorta guess at how Black Panther fits in (tangentially) because Ulysses Klaw was in Age of Ultron; and Scott Lang, perhaps owning to Hank Pym’s influence, would probably want to operate independently of any organization to keep the shrinking tech out of everyone else’s hands. But, somehow, I feel as though Spiderman doesn’t fit.

Not yet, at any rate. But Marvel hasn’t let me down yet and, for anyone else who’s wondering whether Spidey’s presence is a good thing or bad, James Gunn has this to say on Twitter:

2016-03-14 12_42_29-Captain America_ Civil War_ 'Tom Holland is to Spider-Man what Heath Ledger was

Raising the bar pretty high there, isn’t he?

Can’t say I blame him. The Civil War trailers have been brilliant so far. My insides still twinge at the sight of Cap and Iron Man fighting; Bucky looks like he’s torn between being Bucky and the Winter Soldier; that nod to the first Captain America movie made me all misty-eyed; Ant-Man running down one of Hawkeye’s arrows was essentially a panel come to life; and, goddamn, bullets bouncing of Black Panther’s vibranium-weave suit looks epic as hell.

After all of that, I certainly can’t blame James Gunn for the tweet. In May 2016, we’ll know if he was right.

Trevor Coelho

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