Hitman’s Season Premiere trailer gives a glimpse of its third episode set in Morocco

IO Interactive have just released this Season Premiere trailer for their upcoming Hitman game – the first episode of which is due out next Friday, March 11th. In spite of concerns over its episodic release format and an arguably unnecessary beta test, I’m still looking forward to it. Plus, I’ve never been one to turn my nose up at new footage of any game I want to play.

In amongst plenty of very cool, walking-at-the-camera shots of Agent 47 in various (dis)guises, there’s a decent showing off of the first three locations the developer plans to release over the coming months. Both Paris and Sapienza are shown, but we’ve already seen plenty of those (if you haven’t, take a look at this). The main draw for me here was a look at the previously unseen third environment – Marrakesh, in Morocco. So far it looks pretty sweet – a massive open-air market filled with people, as well as a more dimly-lit maze of covered stalls; some form of official building, an embassy perhaps, with a gathering crowd of protesters; plenty of military personnel; a warren of sealed-off tunnels and biolabs – though it’s difficult to determine exactly which areas, outside of the obvious, we’ll be able wander about in.

There was also a peek at what will presumably be the main targets on each level (the first time round, at least). In Sapienza you’ll be aiming to bump off some pink sweater wearing greaseball, and your trip to Marrakesh will see you trying to isolate a high-ranking military type, in order to stuff his head down the toilet. Or choke the life out of him. Or blow his brains out. Or push him out the window. As ever it’ll be up to you and the opportunities you create. Judging by the size of these levels, there are sure to be plenty.

Also released recently was opening cinematic of the game, titled ‘Legacy’. It aims to bridge the twenty year gap between the prologue mission (seen in the beta) and the first Paris episode, and it highlights some of Agent 47’s most classic kills from other games in the series so far. Do you remember any of these?

I remember some more clearly than others, but the whole thing makes me want to go back and play the earlier games all over again. The HD Trilogy (featuring Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money) is still available on PS3 and Xbox 360, as is Hitman: Absolution. With just over a week remaining until the next one lands though, there probably isn’t enough time for all that killing.

So, obviously I’m super psyched. How about you? Bothered by the episodic schedule and the botched communication leading up to that particular announcement? Underwhelmed by the trailers so far? Perhaps you’re just going to wait until you’ve seen all six locations that will be included before you commit to a purchase. Do let us know in the comments below.

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