Has Modern Warfare Become Modern Borefare?

Call of Duty. Three words that have been pretty much an ever-present part of my time spent playing since I first picked up the Xbox 360 some years ago and ventured online.

The relationship has been something of a love/hate affair. At times peaceful and happy, at others, aggressive and frustrating, but it’s always been there.

I’ve queued twice at midnight launches for CoD games, played considerably more time online with this franchise than any other, and established the largest portion of my friends list from time spent waging CoD’s take on console warfare.

But it’s time to change.

Not that I’m about to turn my back on the much maligned vessel for first person shootery goodness, or badness, as you may be more inclined. But, I am beyond ready to venture to pastures new. Or rather, return to pastures previous.

The boffins behind the franchise, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer etc have, since the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, or CoD4 as it was also known, taken us ever further into the future of warfare. World at War revisited WWII but that was our final sample and it fell short. Now it’s all about imagined weapons and super powers. So much so that the latest slice of Black Ops III feels like some sort of weird mix of CoD, Halo and Titanfall. And in all honestly it’s really, really becoming boring.

I still regularly frequent the old timer that is CoD3. Surprisingly it still has a healthy following on Xbox and finding lobbies of 24 versus 24 is pretty easy if timed right. The difference between this and the latest Black Ops title is like night and day.


In CoD3 it feels like a war is taking place around you. There’s noise, commotion, mayhem, tanks rumbling, explosions ringing out and a hailstorm of bullets piercing the air. It’s a very visceral experience. And this is from a game that is now almost ten years old! Go from that into the much tamer world of recent CoD games and it feels like you’re playing paintball in comparison!

What this leads me to, is that I believe as gamer’s we are ready to dip back into the history books with Call of Duty. There is a famous level from Medal of Honor: Allied Assault where the player storms the beaches at Normandy under intense German gunfire. It was incredible. To imagine what could be done with today’s technology is mind blowing to think about. WWII is littered with incredible stories of heroism, everyday men in extraordinary circumstances, but we haven’t ventured back there since World at War. There are still many tales to tell, leave behind the Special Forces and super soldiers we’ve become accustomed to with our CoD play, and travel back to a time that can now become something truly amazing on our new high powered consoles.


Modern Warfare has become a modern borefare, the time is now to embrace history once more!

What do you think? Are you ready to dip a toe back into the history books? Or would you perhaps like to see the franchise evolve even further into the future?

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