So I just lost X-COM 2 because of a glitch

As I write this, there’s a screen on my desktop that says ‘Obtaining Global Stats’ and I’m alternating between amusement, disbelief, and flat out rage. Here’s what happened.


An X-COM 2 patch appeared on Steam – yesterday, if I remember correctly. Before the patch, I thought X-COM 2 was actually playing pretty well. I know that others have had framerate issues and etc, but I’m playing on a 5-year old PC and I managed to run it comfortably at 1600 x 900 with some things pushed up to high and some things either off or on low. I was quite happy.

After the patch, X-COM 2 has taken several minutes to start up. Just to launch, goddammit. Then my save took a couple of minutes to load. Okay, I told myself, I’ll drop graphics further if that’s what it takes to play the game. Because I was enjoying myself. I was really enjoying myself. Despite having lost two soldiers, I had a squad I was happy with, a soldier I was flat out in love with – her nickname’s Clutch, I might write her story sometime – and I was having fun with my playthrough.

My Ironman playthrough, no less. Which, admittedly, was a Rookie playthrough, but that doesn’t make this atrocity hurt any less.

I loaded up the game, decided to make contact with the Western US, and proceeded to scan. And, as you can see from the screens below, not only did I successfully make it through the four days I needed to make contact, the scan went into negative goddamn numbers.

Let me say that again. Negative goddamn numbers. It started with -1, went down to -26, the Avatar Project was completed and I lost the game. I lost the goddamn game.




There doesn’t seem to be a way to bring the numbers back up once they go negative from what I can tell – they just keep getting lower and lower and the timer doesn’t end.

So if you’re still playing X-COM 2 and you’re stuck with the latest patch, for the love of God, STOP. Wait until the next patch comes out. Say a little prayer. Read all of the patch notes. Cross your fingers. And then go play X-COM 2.

In the meanwhile, I’m off to play Pillars of Eternity and hope that Patch 3.0 doesn’t cock up my game the way the X-COM 2 patch did.

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