Games new to Stew Jan 2016

A long month with 2 full on gaming weekends and over 50 games played, but only 5 new games and nothing outstanding. There was one slightly better than the rest, but there was not much in it. Plus I am just getting over the Flu and am in a grumpy mood! Shame I didn’t play a new Feld this month, I could have given it a pasting and not feel so guilty!


I would describe this as Glass Road combined with Le Havre. I own the other two but not this, which is why I’d not managed to get a game of this so far. I did enjoy it a lot and had good fun, but all I was doing all the way through the game was comparing it to the other two. Definitely don’t need to own this game, but won’t turn a game down if offered. If you have never played either of the aforementioned games, find them, try them. They are excellent. I don’t know why I didn’t enjoy this as much as the other two, maybe as it wasn’t anything particularly new perhaps? 7/10


Another microgame. When these first appeared they were cute and interesting for about a minute. Now they are becoming slightly annoying. That being said though this is a clever game where you may have to make a decision or two in the early part of the game – a rare thing in microgames – which in reality there is no real choice most of the time. It is basically a last man (or woman) standing, changing the rule of the cards on display to make sure that you are winning at the end of your turn. I had heard lots of good things about this and didn’t realise it was a microgame. I was left feeling ‘Oh, is that it?’ after playing it. I think this was more due to the hype it had received since its release. 7/10


This looked intriguing so I picked up a copy. A co-op based around defending a base against a hoard of incoming beasties. The modular board looks nice and it is a little bit Roll for the Galaxy-y with allocating actions depending on what you roll on the dice. However the incoming threats that you have to deal with can be a bit labourious working out where they are about to move to and can you stop more appearing etc. It can also suffer from an Alpha player too. There is a number of scenarios so I am not going to give up on this just yet, but my initial impressions were not the best on this. 7/10


Space themed goodness. Must be good right? Hmmm, my initial impression after one play was that I need to play it again to form a more informed opinion. There was no initial wow factor here, but a good solid game that was fun and not too long and certainly didn’t outstay it’s welcome. 7/10


Another hidden role game, this one crossing Ultimate one night werewolf and The Resistance. It wasn’t doing a very good job either. The other options out there are far better. It just felt ‘same old, same old’ when playing it. 6/10

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