New images of Final Fantasy XV emerge before Square’s next Active Time Report

The endlessly-in-development Final Fantasy XV showed off a handful of new images yesterday, as Square Enix announced the next in their series of Active Time Report broadcasts. The game’s director, Hajime Tabata, and its marketing director, Akio Ofuji, will once again address eager fans to relay scant titbits of new information regarding the hallowed franchise’s long awaited fifteenth instalment.

Final Fantasy XV ATR

As you can see, they will be showing off some new battle footage, expanding on the Niflheim Empire, as well as some undisclosed mores. The show will be on the SquareEnixPresents YouTube channel this coming Saturday at 8pm PST, or Sunday morning at 4am GMT – if you’re in the UK and awake enough to tune in. They’re are also gearing up to talking about the game’s release date, but it sounds like that might be happening in March’s ATR rather than this coming one.

The far more interesting aspect of yesterday’s Final Fantasy news was the release of four new screenshots. I’d much rather we got a shiny new trailer to pore over, but I’ll take what I can get. From the looks of them there’s a good chance they will be talking about magic attacks (not featured in the Duscae demo) and stealth gameplay during the coming ATR too. I’ve included the accompanying text from the official tweets to demonstrate what Square Enix were hoping to convey with these images.

FFXV screenshot 1
Noctis shows off his aerial blade work. Each weapon type has a host of unique actions, combos & magic attacks.
FFXV screenshot 2
Use the terrain to your advantage in combat. A Fire spell will set grass alight & unleash a scorching inferno.
FFXV Screenshot 3
Noctis casts Fire magic to dispatch troops but the huge Magitek Armor approaching means the fight isn’t over.
FFXV Screenshot 4
Noctis & team infiltrate a Niflheim base & are being careful to avoid being detected by enemy soldiers.

I probably would have captioned them a little differently myself. No mention at all of lumpy rhinos, scorched earth, massive bi-pedal robots or sneaky Snakes.

It may not live up to its apparently troubled, and undoubtedly protracted, development cycle, but it’s difficult not to get excited at the prospect of another fully fledged Final Fantasy. Let’s hope the release date – when it is finally announced – is sooner, rather than later. Be sure to tune in on Saturday/Sunday if you’re desperate for news.

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