IO Interactive developers talk about building stories around Hitman

And you may notice that they’re saying all the right things.

Whether that translates to a return to form for Hitman – as he was in Blood Money and Contracts, for example – remains to be seen, but after the trailers we’ve seen and the updates we’ve received, I remain hopeful.

What struck me particularly during the video was the difference between the two images of Hitman they showed in the video. In the picture for Contracts, he has a sniper rifle and is peeking out from behind a curtain. For Absolution, he has pistols in hand, pointed in opposite direction, blazing with gunfire. As excellent an example of the difference in the tone of the two games as anything I could have asked for.

And the team behind the upcoming Hitman certainly seem to understand the responsibility of bringing a character as beloved as Agent 47 into a new game without changing the nature of who he is, so perhaps the new game will be a worthy successor to Blood Money.

Do you think that IO Interactive can pull off their fairly lofty ambitions for the new Hitman game? Take a look at the two videos below and let me know.

Trevor Coelho

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