Bombshell gets a brand new teaser involving fire, guns, and punching things

It’s not half bad, actually. And I’m always on the looking for a good action RPG, so one of the voices in my head is already demanding that I check this one out.

For the uninitiated, Bombshell is what happened when a lawsuit got in the way of what was originally intended to be a Duke Nukem action RPG. No big loss, I say, because protagonist Shelly Harrison, the bombshell of the title, looks elegantly suited to the business of hitting things. Proof below, in the trailer. She punches down a door and shoots a bunch of large screens with an evil person on them.

The Duke may be missing, but his spirit certainly lives on. Bombshell releases on January 29, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; here’s the trailer I mentioned earlier.

Trevor Coelho

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