A reddit user claims to have seen Batman v Superman and is pretty enthusiastic about how good it is

Truth be told, I have no idea if this is legit. I would love for it to be legit, because it makes BvS sound rather good.

These are the things that stood out for me. Naturally, potential spoilers ahead.

1. In the showdown, both Batman and Superman win.

According to the redditor, there are two fights; Supes wins one, Bats wins the other. From the descriptions – if you do read the post, also read the comments; there’s more information down there – it sounds as though Bruce is somewhat unhinged. The trailers have always suggested that the new Bruce’s dark side is pretty dark, but the post suggests that we haven’t seen anything yet.

There was also mention of Superman finally dealing with the consequences of everything that happened in Man of Steel, but not a whole lot of detail on what/how.

batman v superman reddit plot leak 1

2. The dead Robin is Jason Todd; Dick Grayson is supposedly alive somewhere.

The Joker is teased a great deal, apparently, and so is Dick Grayson. Apparently, the film doesn’t mention where he is, or if he’s still considered Robin, but if this is true – a big bloody ‘if’, like everything I’m writing here – can we assume Bludhaven and Nightwing? I think we should. That would be awesome.

3. Jesse Eisenberg is ‘way more complex than the trailers show’.

Again, if true, I’m happy about that. I had an argument with a friend when the trailer came out, about Eisenberg’s Lex. He thought Lex came across as a moron, I thought it was a clever front for a evil sort of person. He doesn’t look like a villain, he is not stroking cats and leering evilly at anyone. He’s amusing, quips about something with every other breath, and is a different take on Luthor. The last different take on Luthor I remember was back when Doomsday killed Superman for the first time. So if Eisenberg’s done a good job, I am especially thrilled about that.

batman v superman reddit plot leak 2

4. Dan Amboyer is supposedly playing Hal Jordan

Heh. This was kept under wraps excellently, if it’s not a load of bull. When I poke around for information about the role Amboyer’s playing, all I get is ‘Drone Pilot’. Which is especially impressive since, according to the redditor appropriately named ViolatingNDA, Hal is even revealed as Green Lantern during the movie. Keeping one of DC’s best characters so cleverly hidden deserves a round of goddamn applause. You can’t hear, but I’m clapping.

5. We see the entire Justice League assembled at the end of the movie

This could be epic. The leak mentions Hal Jordan, Cyborg, Wonder Woman (and Gal Gadot was supposedly excellent), and the Flash, so seeing them all together in one place doing their Epic Team-up Pose or whatever could be pretty damn cool.

batman v superman reddit plot leak 3

But overall …

There are plenty of references to New 52 in there, since that’s what the movie and the roster is more or less based on. A lot of this could very easily be made up – someone with working knowledge of DCU and a half-decent imagination could comfortably spin couple of dozen possibilities for the movie in a couple of hours.

And nothing can actually be corroborated with proof of any kind, unless the movie itself leaks online before the release date. (Minor tangent – I would give a great deal for a leaked version of the B&S fight to turn up, with a subtitle that reads ‘Fights in Spanish’.)

So, take all of this with a grain of salt, nay, a sackful of salt. If false, and it sounds good, you might very well be disappointed when the movie comes out. If true … well, then we have a lot to look forward to this year.

And irrespective of whether it’s true or false, the entire thing makes for a pretty interesting read. Take a look here, if you fancy the entirety of Batman v Superman being (potentially) spoiled for you.

Trevor Coelho

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