New Technomancer screens feature the bizarre creatures of Mars

This handful of creatures from the Technomancer are quite ugly and, presumably, most of them will eat you at the drop of a hat.

And barring the flying-bug thing in the second screen below, all the others look suitably alien. From the sound of it, though, none of the creatures are actually native to Mars. This is the description that came with the images:

Although Mars’ red surface is naturally barren and completely devoid of life, hundreds of years of human civilization has led to the creation and evolution of many hybrid species built from the genetic makeup of animals found on Earth. What was first an exercise to create an ecosystem to support the original settlers eventually grew out of control, following the cataclysm that wiped most settlers and isolated Mars from Earth. Mutations and accelerated evolution forged what little life there was into threatening beasts scattered all over the red planet.

While originally bred as domestic animals, the harsh living conditions on Mars led these creatures to develop effective defense mechanisms – poison, camouflage, brute force… The longer Mars is cut off from Earth, the more dangerous Mars’ new wildlife grows. They will aggressively defend their territory should you trespass it.

Interesting yes, but not especially gripping yet. I’m still waiting for that one trailer which sets me squirming in excitement for the Technomancer. These screenshots aren’t quite it yet, but as we draw closer to the estimated release date of ‘early 2016’, I’m hoping more interesting news will surface.

In the meanwhile, here are some butt-ugly monsters for you, happy holidays!





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