We are the Dwarves features spacefaring dwarves in space suits, and looks excellent

The first independent project from Whale Rock Games, We are the Dwarves has – in my opinion – a distinctly Diablo-ish feel to it.

However it isn’t hack and slash. Instead, We are the Dwarves describes itself as a tactical exploration and combat game, which suggests real time exploration with pauseable combat. The games casts players as 3 dwarves – Smashfist, Forcer and Shadow – each with his own abilities, a unique skill tree and a space suit.

No word on the setting beyond the fact that space is involved that that the dwarves’ plan presumably did not involve having to kill many hostile alien things during the course of their adventure.

we are the dwarves new trailer 23 december 2015 screen 1

There’s also a trailer below, which shows very little about the game except for the all-important business of hitting things. That is something We are the Dwarves appears to have done reasonably well.

Unfortunately, the lack of information and the sparse-ish glimpse at gameplay makes it hard to get excited about We are the Dwarves. It looks pretty, sure, and I like dwarves, and I like using dwarves to hit things that are not dwarves. But personally, I must know more to develop interest.

There’s also a website but it’s a little bare at the moment. I went to poke around the Lore and Races sections and except for an image, nothing else showed up on Chrome or Firefox. But hopefully, more news will come soon. Here’s the trailer while we wait.

Trevor Coelho

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