New Hellblade developer diary deals with atmospheric effects and assorted hilarity at Ninja Theory

I love games that do weather interestingly, simply because of how much of a role weather plays in immersion. In The Witcher 3, for example, whenever there was a storm and I was in the swamps I would just stand and watch – as trees were bent by the wind, lightning crackled in the sky, and Geralt stood soaking wet, cursing the idiot behind the controller.

From the looks of Hellblade’s weather, I’m very likely to do that again. As with the Witcher, rainy weather and thunderstorms are my favourite here too – they look gorgeous. But, from the video, you might notice that the entire game looks gorgeous. Here’s hoping this is what the final product will look like when Hellblade finally releases.

Incidentally, the video’s seven and a half minutes long and gets hilarious after 4:19.

Trevor Coelho

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Trevor Coelho

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